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Sunday, September 14, 2014

JewishIsrael Gives Presentation at "Cancelled" Counter-Missionary Event

Posted by JewishIsrael.com
After the Eshel Hashomron Hotel in Ariel unexpectedly cancelled a counter-missionary conference scheduled to take place on September 10th 2014, the organizers of the event did their best to recoup and held the conference in Kiryat Netafim.
Despite the widely publicized cancellation and the controversy that ensued, a diverse and thoughtful audience of rabbis, professors, residents and students attended at the alternative venue.
Shulamit Leibler, director of public relations for JewishIsrael, delivered a presentation which included an overview of the missionary problem in Israel followed by a sampling of the challenges facing Yehuda and Shomron.
Other speakers included Rabbi Yoel Shwartz, co-founder of the Nahal Haredi Brigade of the IDF and recipient of the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism, Rabbi Elhanan Bin Nun, Chief Rabbi of Shiloh and the former head of the Beit Orot Hesder Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yehuda Richter, a lecturer on Torah in Elon Moreh and Tapuach, and former Jerusalem City Councilwoman Mina Fenton.
Based on the positive feedback and interest, a number of similar events will likely be scheduled in the near future.
JewishIsrael will be posting its presentation at the conference on YouTube in the coming days.

UPDATE: The JI presentation can now be viewed on YOUTUBE (in Hebrew)

כנס בקרית נטפים על בעיית שיתוף פעולה עם נוצרים מיסיונרים

Jordan Has The Most to Fear From Arab Palestinian Terrorism

National borders as we know them here in the Middle East are pretty modern. And like in Europe* there have been many changes over the past couple of hundred years. Pretty much all of the present countries, barring one, has some historic basis. Egypt and Israel (as a Jewish country) probably have the longest documented history, although there was a long gap in time, about two thousand years when there wasn't a Jewish State.

One Middle East country has absolutely no basis in history and is ruled by colonizers/occupiers placed by European powers in the mid-twentieth century. That's Jordan. According to Wikipedia:
With the Great Arab Revolt in 1916 and the consequent British invasion, the area came under Occupied Enemy Territory Administration in 1917 and with the British mandate of Transjordan in early 1920s, it became the Emirate of Transjordan under the Hashemite Emir. In 1946, independent Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was formed and shortly admitted to the United Nations and the Arab League. In 1948, Jordan fought with the newly born state of Israel over lands of former Mandatory Palestine, effectively gaining control of the West Bank and annexing it with its Palestinian population. (italics mine)**
For many centuries, European powers played god with lands and continents that were administered either as city states or tribal areas. Any place that hadn't been christianized was subject to European colonization.

Over the decades of Jordan's existance it has periodically been threatened by the same Arab terrorists who want to destroy Israel. They very rightfully see the Hashemites as invaders and colonizers/occupiers.

Hat tip to IMRA for the following article:
Jordan reiterates firm stance against terrorismJeddah, Sept. 11 (Petra) – Jordan reiterated on Thursday its firm stance against terrorism and affirmed the need to eradicate it from its roots.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs Nasser Judeh told a joint US-Arab ministerial meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that the Middle East is facing serious challenges to the regional security and stability...Jordan, the foreign minister said, believes that the Islamic State poses a direct threat to its national security, calling for closer international efforts to uproot this terrorist organization before it is too late.
"Terrorism is a threat to the region and the whole world," Judeh said... 
The Jordanian Government knows well that the Islamic State is directly connected to Hamas and all the other terrorists plaguing our region.

*old joke about the Polish-Russian border change
"I'm so glad that we're under Polish rule again."
"I can't stand those freezing Russian winters."
**The truth is that the United Nations had allocated the West Bank sic as another new Arab country, but Jordan invaded it and occupied it until it lost it to Israel in the 1967 Six Days War.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Israel Must Stop Dreaming of Peace

Since before the Declaration of Israeli Statehood, Jewish leaders in the Holy Land have been dreaming of peace with the local Arabs and doing everything they/we could to achieve it. A few years ago I watched the old classic "Exodus" movie and was upset to see that the characters there, too, were dreaming of peace with the Arabs.

Of course, that's a movie, but it's that yearning for peace at "any price" that caused the Zionist leaders to approve the "Partition Plan" which didn't give a viable land mass to the Jews.

No matter who has been Prime Minister of Israel, Right, Left or Center, he or she has made great efforts to negotiate a peace with the Arabs. And all of those plans are based on a premise that the Arabs will agree to be demilitarized, besides a local police which is why the Oslo Accords gave them advanced weapons...

That seems to be one is Israel's only conditions. The other is that we can't allow the "refugees" the right of return to "Israel proper."

Since the Fatah has allied itself with the more violent Hamas it's important to listen to Hamas, and Hamas refuses to demilitarize.
Ismail Haniyeh vowed on Saturday that Hamas would not disarm. Speaking at a news conference in Gaza City, he said disarmament was non-negotiable, "not for the rehabilitation of Gaza" and not "for anything." 
The armed resistance was legitimate, he said, and would continue "until Palestine is set free." He assured the Palestinian people that weapons were raised only against the "Zionist occupation."
Taking his cue from Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal, who on Friday said that face-to-face talks with Israel are not on the agenda, Haniyeh stated there would be "no direct negotiations with the Zionist enemy." (Jerusalem Post)
No matter what what Israel offers it won't be enough. We will never be able to negotiate a true, lasting peace with the Arabs. Their aim is our destruction. 

The most peaceful existance we can have is by not being afraid to fight them and by ceasing to be willing to negotiate. We endanger ourselves by begging.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Israeli MFA uses MK Ayelet Shaked Image to Promote "Gaza Occupation" Counterpoint

I don't know who drew and designed this hasbara, Israeli formation campaign cartoon, but the Israeli spokesperson is a dead-ringer for NRP aka Jewish Home Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked.

The voice, unfortunately, sounds very mid-20th century Bell's operator or old-fashioned schoolteacher.  Though the style they have her dressed in is rather flaky, with a cropped top showing a bare midriff. I guess that's the image of Israel the Foreign Ministry wants to promote.

In all honesty, I don't like this cartoon, especially not the way the message it is being promoted. I also don't like the use of the  term "legal Palestinians government"

Here is is, what do you think?

"You may have heard claims that Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip is the reason for hostilities in the region. Is this fact or fiction? Well, guess what: Israel DOES NOT occupy Gaza. It left Gaza in 2005, pulling out all its soldiers and leaving all its settlements. So who DOES occupy Gaza? Hamas. In 2007, this terrorist organization attacked the legitimate Palestinian Authority government and violently seized control of Gaza. It has ruled since then by force and without elections. Hamas turned the Gaza Strip into a terrorist base and uses its population as human shields."
I think that we are getting into points that can backfire on us. By just concentrating on the Gaza occupation issue, it's admitting that we are the "occupation power" over Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan.

And the big truth is that the world isn't interested in the facts and truth. Those countries and people and NGOs against us won't budge from their beliefs no matter how much history, facts or how attractive and youthful the speaker is. This Ayelet Shaked lookalike would be more influential recommending or promoting an amusement park, not explaining facts and history to a staid, suited, bespectacled guy like in the cartoon.

If you want to read something more serious about the so-called "occupation," recommend Evelyn Gordon's latest.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

If Convicted Arab Terrorists Want to Kill Themselves, Don't Interfere!!

I wrote my opinion about convicted Arab terrorist prisoners hunger-striking a few months ago, and my opinion hasn't changed. Israeli prison authorities should not do anything to preserve the lives of hunger-striking Arab terrorist prisoners. If they want to commit suicide, that's their decision. Yes, let them kill themselves instead of being released to kill, or attempt to kill, more Jews.  I also believe that there should be the death penalty for any Arab terrorist who even attempted to kill a Jew. Why should their lives be more precious than that of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann?

There are news reports that the convicted Arab terrorists are again planning hunger strikes.
Palestinian Arab terrorists who are serving time in Israeli jails announced onTuesday night that they will start a hunger strike on Wednesday.
The mass hunger strike is a response to the death of an Arab terrorist jailed in Israel, who committed suicide by hanging himself at the Eshel prison in Be’er Sheva.
The terrorist, 35-year-old Raed Abdel Salam al-Jaabari, was arrested near the Kfar Etzion Junction in Judea after a car accident in which he attempted to run over several Jewish residents...
...Some 1,550 Palestinian Arabs imprisoned in Israel ended a hunger strike in May 2012, in exchange for a package of measures which would allow visits from relatives in Gaza and the transfer of detainees out of solitary confinement.
In April, hundreds of terrorist prisoners declared a hunger strike in "solidarity" with a Hamas prisoner's solitary confinement. After a media brouhaha, the terrorists ended the hunger strike just hours after it began.
Israel has several times in the past caved to the pressure and released some hunger strikers. (Arutz 7)
CNN illustration

I suggest that they be isolated without media, wifi, visits etc. If the convicted Arab terrorists don't want to eat and would rather die, that is their choice.
Meanwhile, around 2,000 Palestinian prisoners being held by Israel were refusing food in a strike to protest Jaabari's death, IPS spokesman Sivan Weizman told AFP.
Israel should not take measures to force them to eat.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The World Does Hate Israel, BDS Too Popular

It's not "just the United Nations" or U.S. President Obama or Europe etc ad nauseum that has no problem accusing Israel of all sorts of sins, violations of morality/standards, whatever. Not just terrorists, Muslims, Arabs, but ordinary people, academics, too, all over the world are convinced beyond a doubt that the State of Israel must be boycotted, sanctioned and attacked.

Last night I was googling for a picture I needed for yesterday's post. The sign in the picture said:
"We Would Boycott "Palestinian" Goods, But...They Don't Actually Make Anything.
That's what I googled. Instead of getting the photo and pictures with that poster, I got innumerable anti-Israel photos. I saw dozens or hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrations, people holding signs accusing Israel of all sorts of crimes, sins and injustices.

The bigger the lie against Israel the more popular the accusation.  Anti-Israel BDS seems to be the most popular protest movement in the world. It unites all countries, societies and races.

Boycott activists protest the JNF fundraiser in Philadelphia.
 (Sònia Guedán Carrió)

Peace and justice aren't on their menu.

They base their boycott of Israel on a falsity, a lie. Unfortunately most of the world believe that the lie is true. Even many Jews and Israelis have joined them. The lie is that there was an Arab country called Palestine that Israel took over and is occupying.
There never ever was an Arab (or Jewish) country called Palestine. 
The Arabs never had an independent country in this part of the world. After the fall, the invasions of the Jewish Kingdoms, the land was always occupied by other countries, societies, whether Arab, such as Syria, or Greek or Turkish or the League of Nation's British Mandate.

An important point to make is that BDS isn't about the post 1967 Six Days War territory that Israel liberated, it's an anti-Israel movement. I'm not as optimistic as MJ Rosenberg who claims that the movement will fail, because most people can see that the movement's aim is the destruction of the State of Israel.
The reason why BDS keeps failing despite the almost universal recognition that the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the blockade of Gaza, are illegal and immoral is that the BDS movement is not targeting the occupation per se. Its goal is the end of the State of Israel itself.
In its view, all of historic Palestine is occupied territory; that means Tel Aviv and Haifa as much as Hebron and Nablus. Obviously, a movement dedicated to eradication of Israel as a country is never going to achieve support other than from a radical fringe.
I think he's wrong. I think that it's that very point, BDS's aim to supplant Israel with an Arab Palestinian state that makes its popularity grow. As in the Kron's View cartoon, peace isn't on the protesters menu. They are very out-front in their aim which is the destruction of the State of Israel. with the history of Nazi German and the Holocaust less than a century behind us, it's dangerously naive to believe that the world would really care if Israel ceased to exist.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some Facts about "Palestine"

A month and a half ago, when I attended the Israel Advocacy Seminar organized by David Bedein of Behind the News in Israel I was very impressed by the presentation by Sha'i Ben-Tekoa. He began it by asking the students in attendance if they had taken a course in "Palestinian History." Obviously nobody had, because there is no history of such a people/nation. That is so unlike Jewish History which has been documents and recognized for thousands of years.

One can spend a lifetime learning Jewish History and never finish. I've been studying the Bible for years and can't keep the names of all the kings in my head, certainly not the order in which they ruled here.  Yes, here, because early Jewish History began here. Actually the first signs that we were truly a Jewish Nation, not just a clan or tribal confederation was here in Shiloh where I live.

Shiloh Biblical Museum, Shiloh Hakeduma

Shiloh Hakeduma

Shiloh was the first administrative and religious capital of the Jewish Nation, before we were ruled by kings.This status continued for almost four hundred years, thousands of years ago. And Jewish History continues  until this day.

Please don't forget or ignore the fact that Jewish History continued even after we lost our independence and were exiled from our Land. There never was a time we didn't pray for a return of Jewish sovereignty, and there was never a time when the Land was totally empty of Jews. Jews have always lived in the Holy Land regardless of the difficulties.

The idea of "Palestinians" is a totally modern invention and not even connected to self-determination. Easy proof of that is the name. It begins with the letter "p" which doesn't at all exist in Arabic. There is no "p" sound for Arabic speakers, which is easy linguistic proof that non-Arabs invented the concept.

There's very clever picture going the internet which brings up an additional point:

See the man holding the sign which says:
"We Would Boycott "Palestinian" Goods, But...They Don't Actually Make Anything.
Lihavdil, this brings me back to something totally brilliant I once heard from Nadia Matar on Arutz 7 radio. She was talking about the boycott of products by Jews of YESHA. She said that it made her joyful, because it was proof that our enemies recognized us to be productive. Jewish industries in YESHA show that our communities are permanent and industrious, not fly-by-night transients.

Nadia said this over a decade ago, and since then more Jews live in Judea-Samaria (YESHA,) and there is even more industry and business.  We have returned home and we're staying!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Righteous IDF Soldiers

Photo by Nir Kafri
This past war, the poorly named "Operation Protective Edge," there were many contradictory stories about how chareidim* were reacting/relating to IDF soldiers, those from their own "ranks," and others.

While the very anti-Chareidi Jerusalem Post's "In Jerusalem" had a piece about an injured chareidi soldier being shunned by his family, there were many more stories about how chareidim were filling the hospital wards trying to support and aid IDF wounded and their families. Those were the stories I heard from neighbors whose son was wounded.

Older stories about how very distinguished rabbis, accepted and respected as chareidi had reacted in the past honoring IDF soldiers and the uniform were also back "in print."

Noam Moshkowitz/EPA
You have to be blind not to notice how many of the families of dead and injured soldiers and also the recent war heroes are religious, beginning with the kidnapped teens. Kippot and hair-covering were seen in such numbers on the media. You'd think that the IDF was made up almost only of what's known as the dati le'umi, national religious.

What surprised me the most was the amount of religious staff in the media. I had never seen so many men in kippot or women with various hair-coverings holding the microphone interviewing people and reporting on the situation.

For the past couple of decades, our dati le'umi youth have been encouraged to enter the media as their profession. My own children didn't, but it's clear that many others did take that advice. And during the weeks of the war the veteran news-media stars couldn't be everyplace, so the lower tiers of workers had their chance in front of the camera. And they proved themselves very competent.

Back to the IDF and the point of this article...
This war was a very modern media in your face war. Everything seemed to be on camera or just a shout away. Everyone effected had their 15 minutes of fame, and we heard horrendous, though brave, stories of attempts to rescue body parts of dead soldiers. Wounded soldiers in hospital beds, bandaged and connected by tubes could only say that they waited to recover and join their comrades to defeat the enemy.

This level of pikuach nefesh, risking one's life to save another Jew is the highest mitzvah, Torah commandment one can do. It doesn't matter what hechshar, rabbinic supervision you have on your milk or meat if you won't risk your life for your fellow Jew. The IDF soldiers, the IDF medics, the hospital staff, not only the doctors, worked so hard to preserve Jewish Life and to also preserve the State of Israel.

More and more chareidim are seeing this. That's why it was a chareidi Jew who established Zaka, and that's why you see so many chareidim as medics in the various first aide NPs here in Israel. And that's one of the reasons there has been an increase in the amount of chareidim joining the IDF as soldiers. It's getting harder for the anti-Israel element in the chareidi world to declare the IDF as evil sinners. Not only Israel, but World Jewry owes everything to the holy bravery of the IDF and its soldiers.

*Following is the story that inspired me to write this post. I received it in the email bulletin send out by Chabad of Arizona:

Position Available

During the month of Elul, a maggid (traveling preacher) came to Beshenkovitz, where Reb Shmuel Munkes' lived. Reb Shmuel was a beloved chasid of Rabbi Shneur Zalman, founder of Chabad Chasidism. Though known for his sharp wit and "chasidic pranks," Reb Shmuel was no empty joker. He was a deep personality, one who could abide no falsehood, and whose own ego was completely nullified to perform the will of his Creator.
The townspeople saw the maggid's letter of introduction which referred to him as a great tzadik (righteous person), who traveled from town to town only to arouse and inspire Jews. Being G-d-fearing people, they immediately invited him to speak and inspire them to serve G-d better.
The maggid began his speech. Over and over again, he accused his audience of committing terrible sins. His entire speech was filled with accusations and descriptions of the terrible punishments awaiting them because their evil behavior had aroused G-d's anger. Only if they would wholeheartedly repent would they possibly have a chance to be spared. The townspeople were utterly broken by the maggid's harsh words, and they cried bitterly, fearing the awesome punishment.
After his speech, the maggid, satisfied with himself, retired to the room that the community had arranged for him.
A short while later, Reb Shmuel entered the maggid's room. He carried with him a long knife and a stone with which to sharpen it. Reb Shmuel closed the door behind him and then bolted it. Without saying a word, Reb Shmuel began to sharpen his knife.
A few tense moments passed. Finally the maggid broke the silence and asked in astonishment, "Sir, could you please tell me what you are doing?"
Without glancing up from the knife he was sharpening, Reb Shmuel answered, "As the honorable, great maggid  knows, we are very simple people in this town. Perhaps, it is because of our unintentional sins that we have never merited to have a great, righteous, G-d-fearing scholar in our midst."
Not knowing what to make of this answer, the maggid replied, "Yes, that is true. Nevertheless, what does that have to do with sharpening the knife?"
Reb Shmuel answered simply, "We were taught by our parents that before Rosh Hashana, one is supposed to pray at the graves of the righteous."
Still unsure of what Reb Shmuel's point was, the maggid asked, "That is correct. But why are you sharpening that knife?"
"Oh, that is very simple," explained Reb Shmuel. "The nearest grave site of a righteous person is very far from our town. For some of us it is extremely troublesome and difficult to make such a long journey."
With these additional words, the maggid  began to feel uneasy. He started sweating and ventured, "But you still have not explained why you are sharpening your knife in this room!"
Reb Shmuel answered, "Quite simply, I am sharpening my knife here because the townspeople want a very righteous person buried in this town."
Now the maggid  had not even a shadow of a doubt as to what Reb Shmuel's intentions seemed to be. The maggid stammered, "But I am not completely righteous. I have also done some small sins, such as ..."
Reb Shmuel dismissed the maggid's revelation, saying, "Honored maggid, you are still a very righteous and learned person. As for the sins that you mentioned, I did not even know that they were transgressions."
The maggid trembled and stuttered, "But I did some transgressions that were much more serious, such as ..."
Concerning this revelation, as well, Reb Shmuel shrugged, insisting, "But to us you are still a tzadik; for us, you are quite good enough."
This strange dialogue continued for some time with the maggid, mentioning more and more severe transgressions and Reb Shmuel telling him, "But you are still acceptable to us, since you are far better than we are."
Finally, the maggid  admitted to some extremely serious transgressions and that he was not really the great righteous man that his letter of introduction and credentials claimed him to be. In essence, he was saying, "I am an impostor."
Now, Reb Shmuel no longer played the simpleton. After putting away the knife, he began chastising the maggid for causing the Jews of the town so much pain and sorrow. After making sure the maggid  fully understood how one is to talk to and treat another Jew, Reb Shmuel unbolted the door and let the maggid go on his way, much  wiser and more sensitive than before. 
Source: Supplemented by Yerachmiel Tilles from //lchaimweekly.org (#986).
Biographical note: Rabbi Shmuel Munkes (1834-1882)], an elder disciple of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Chabad, was known for his fervent and creative Chasidic service. Stories abound of his sharp wit and "chasidic pranks". He lived in Beshenkovitz and then in Kalisk (or the reverse?) in (or near?) the district of Polotz.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scotland Should Regain its Indpendence

I don't understand the morality behind Great Britain's protests and threats to the Scottish people about their independence bids. Davka Great Britain, the country behind the invention of all sorts of countries and imaginary histories, is having fits because the Scots want to regain their independence.
Analysing the survey, which put yes at 51%, to 49% for no, Kellner wrote:"Seldom has the term 'knife-edge' carried such lethal force. A two-point gap is too small for us to call the outcome."
The speed and size of the collapse in the no campaign's lead is astonishing, Kellner said. "The fact that the contest is too close to call is itself remarkable, as Better Together seemed to have victory in the bag. Month after month, they held a steady lead, averaging no 58%, yes 42%. In the past four weeks, support for the union has drained away at an astonishing rate."
The Scots do have a long history as a separate people, nation, kingdom. According to Wikipedia, it's 2,000, yes, two thousand years old. This chart covers the second half of that time.

That's in total contrast to countries invented by Great Britain, like Jordan, modern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, India and Pakistan. Don't forget their biggest con on the world, "Arab Palestine," which they have been trying to get as to block a Jewish State for almost a hundred years.

I don't see why Scotland shouldn't be be able to regain independence if the people want. They certainly pass the shared history, culture test unlike most modern nations. And supporting their quest doesn't in any way give legitimacy to the Arabs here. Just the opposite. Contrast documented Scottish History with the faux people of "Palestine," sic.

The Dangers of Rebuilding Gaza

Reuters has an article up claiming that to rebuild Gaza it will cost $7.8 billion.
(Reuters) - Rebuilding Gaza will cost $7.8 billion, the Palestinian Authority said on Thursday, in the most comprehensive assessment yet of damage from a seven-week war with Israel during which whole neighborhoods and vital infrastructure were flattened.
I just think of the tons and tons and tons of cement Israel had so blithely allowed into Gaza these past few years, which the Gazan had used to construct advanced, sophisticated tunnels from all the way into Jewish communities. These tunnels have been used for kidnapping and terror attacks. This has been going on for years. Gilad Schalit was taken away by tunnel, which is why he couldn't be found.

During the "war," loony Leftists on Israeli TV fantasized about a "Marshall Plan" for Gaza that we would offer, so the Gazans would be as grateful to Israel as the West Germans were to the USA after World War Two.

Of course, nobody bothered to remind them what happened to the potentially money-making "Gush Katif" style hot-houses that had been bought for them after Disengagement to enable them to establish a high-tech agriculture industry. The Gazans, even those who for years had worked for Jewish farmers and knew perfectly well how to farm in the same advanced, money-making way couldn't be bothered to establish businesses. The main Gazan business is terrorism.

Accuracy and truth aren't high in the aims of the press and NGO's that report about Gaza. Due to the photography techniques I've been learning as part of 52Frames, I have no doubt that the Reuters picture in this post was doctored, just like the changes I made to the following photo:



The descriptions of the damage are also highly exaggerated:
"The attack on Gaza this time had no precedent, Gaza has been hit with a catastrophe and it needs immediate help because many things can't wait long," Mohammed Shtayyeh, a Palestinian economist and a senior member of the West Bank's dominant Fatah* party, told reporters in Ramallah.
Besides the American atomic bombs on Japan, the Germans damaged London more seriously and the allies certainly destroyed a lot more of Nazi Europe during WWII than Israel did to Gaza.

BBC History
Photo: Winston Churchill inspecting bomb damage in Battersea, South London, 10 September 1940. (Getty Images)

But facts aren't necessary for those reporting on Israel and her enemies.

In all honesty, and what I'm going to say is definitely not "pc," politically correct, as far as I'm concerned, Gaza should remain as unlivable as possible. UNRWA should be closed down. Let people escape to any country other than Israel. The United Nations, Europe, the NGOs etc. must stop supporting them. There never was a country called Gaza. Their "independence" and self-governing is a new modern and terribly dangerous phenomenon.

Without the massive foreign funding Gaza will lose its punch. That must be the aim. Rebuilding Gaza will just increase terrorism and be the wrong lesson to ISIS.

*Please note that the spokesperson is from the so-called moderate Fatah and not from Hamas.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Yes, Build We Will, and Build We Must!

Home prices in Israel are high, and prices in most of the yishuvim, communities in Judea and Samaria have gone up, too. There's a simple principle called "supply and demand." If you don't have enough to sell the ones you have, whether apples, eggs or homes, the prices will go up.

There's a housing shortage in Israel, very few housing starts, not enough to meet the need/demand. So contractors and owners can charge more, and fewer people can afford to buy.

One place there's plenty of space and quality life is Shiloh, where I live. There's a slight complication, politics egged on by international pressure/interference. I firmly believe that if the Israeli Government would just tell off the critics and ignore them, whether foreign or local, they will quiet down an awful lot. They will stop threatening us once we make it clear that their threats have influence on us.

Let's just build!

Friday, September 5, 2014

ISIS = Hamas = Fatah = Naziism = Threat to World Peace, and The World We Know Today

ISIS = Hamas = Fatah

That's the simple equation. It's very simple arithmetic. And that means that if you let Fatah survive and thrive you will still have the threat of ISIS which has been bragging about executing innocent western journalists.

But international movers and shakers, the United Nations, Europe, The United States and even Israel have no compunctions about branding Fatah as moderate. Do I know something they don't? Honestly, I don't think so. They must know what is in all the news media that Fatah and Hamas are allied together. It's no secret. The big questions are:
Why isn't the "free world" taking the alliance of Fatah and Hamas seriously?
Why is the "free world" willing to accept and promote terror organizations which attack Israel?
If you see smoke and flames coming out of your car engine, wouldn't you quickly jump out of the car?

Why does everyone, including many Israelis insist that we find a way to "make peace" with the same Arabs who want to destroy us? Why do they keep on ignoring the publicly stated aims of Fatah/Hamas?

We should add the PLO to the equation, because it, too, is part of the terrorists' deception.
Abbas' Presidential decree changesPA Ministry of Prisoners' Affairsto PLO Authority of Prisoners' Affairs Now the PA won't be using US and EU money directlyto pay salaries to terrorist prisoners, but will use US and EU money indirectly to pay terrorist prisoners, by channeling it through the PLO
All Arab terrorists organizations are the same. Whether Fatah, ISIS, Hamas or the PLO, they are brutal terrorists aiming to take over the world. The ISIS murders and beheadings are only a preview of what they have planned for the world.

Next Stop Europe

It won't placate any of them to be given Israel. It will only increase their appetite and confidence.

I look at the "Never again" lesson from the Holocaust as how the world, even many Jews, ignored all of the early steps the Nazis took against the German Jewish population. It was no secret that Jews were suddenly forbidden to study in certain schools, work in certain places and even sit on certain benches. This "discrimination" quickly escalated to murder in the streets and being forced into ghettos and then concentration aka death camps.

FDR didn't protest that it was immoral to discriminate against, segregate and then murder Jews. And I consider Obama's condemnation of Jewish building in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as directly connected to FDR's tacit support of the Nazis.

Remember that American Government's Isolationism prevented him from defending Europe from the Nazi invasion until it considered the United States in danger.
As tensions rose in Europe over Nazi Germany’s aggressive maneuvers, Congress pushed through a series of Neutrality Acts, which served to prevent American ships and citizens from becoming entangled in outside conflicts.
Remember that the world is enamored with the PLO and Fatah. The so-called "free world" dreams of establishing a Palestinian State. And if that new Arab state attacks and invades Israel and is set to destroy it, nobody will care.  We shouldn't expect anyone to rescue us. They will be too busy defending themselves from ISIS.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hearing "Allahu Akbar" on The Temple Mount, #3 of My Har HaBayit Reflections

One of the things I was warned about, prepared for before my עליה להר הבית Aliyah liHar Habayit, Ascent to the Temple Mount was that there are usually women shouting "Allahu Akbar" as if they're spitting out venom to shoot at the Jews who go up.

It's a known fact that they do this as a paid job, sitting on the benches shouting at the Jews. I don't know why, but last Tuesday the women weren't on duty. Maybe they were having a staff trip or fun day or workshop in "voice." The men did the shouting instead, but apparently they didn't have the same enthusiasm.

Rachel Sela, who led our group, told us to think of them as saying "G-d, HaKodesh Baruch Hu" is great and then try to ignore it. That technique worked for me, especially when long-time, veteran Temple Mount Yosef Elbaum left us.

The route he took to leave had him pass many groups of shouters. Elbaum is very well known and easily recognize by everyone, Jews, Arabs, polices, soldiers and civilians.

I took Rachel's suggestion to heart, and actually enjoyed hearing group after group of Arabs calling out to Elbaum that G-d is Great, our G-d that is. The sounds kept echoing and repeating gradually getting further and further away.

It was very important to me to walk around with the body language of one who belongs and is fully sovereign, even though unfortunately, Israel has given The Temple Mount to Jordan and Islam.  It will definitively take a long time to correct that damage.

The U.S.A. and Israel Both Refuse to Take Necessary Steps Against Their Enemies

Many people, political pundits and ambitious politicians all over the world are complaining that United States President Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have the guts, nor ideology to finish off the true enemies of world peace.
Voters regard the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS as a major threat to the United States and are very worried that President Obama doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with the problem. 
He prefers chastising and threatening Israel. As worrying as that is, Israel, which is even more endangered than America is no better. We just ended a very necessary war without achieving our goal, without destroying the Hamas terror infrastructure.

Shiite Muslim fighters take part in a last combat training before joining the government forces to fight Islamic State jihadists / Getty Images

Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/205072/how-do-we-avenge-steven-sotloffs-death/#ixzz3CJtUF4B1

Evelyn Gordon makes a very important point in her article here that we really have no choice other than to reoccupy Gaza.
Judging by the polls, Israelis aren’t happy with the results of the war that (perhaps) ended last Tuesday. Only a third think Israel beat Hamas; most expect hostilities to resume within a year; a majority opposed the cease-fire; and a whopping 60 percent feel less secure than they did before the war...Nevertheless, Hamas remains firmly in control of Gaza, and its desire to destroy Israel is undiminished. Even without resupply, it has enough rockets and mortars left for another war: about 3,000, according to IDF estimates.  And in time, it probably will be able to replenish its arsenal: Egyptian border guards have frequently proven corruptible; the current Egyptian government may not last; and Western pressure, which has repeatedly led Israel to ease restrictions on Gaza over the past several years, will likely do so again once the war’s impact fades.
Thus, even if this war buys a longer period of quiet than the last one did (a mere 20 months), another war seems inevitable. And next time, the circumstances might be considerably less convenient than they were this summer, when many Arab countries offered Israel unprecedented support while enemies like Hezbollah and Syria were preoccupied with their own problems...
Unfortunately, by allowing Hamas to rearm, we will just suffer more the next war.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reflecting a Bit on My First Aliyah li'Har HaBayit, Ascending The Temple Mount #2

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So far I haven't gotten any pictures of myself on Har HaBayit, but I do have this one of us waiting for permission to enter, taken by Yehuda Glick, a well-known Har HaBayit activist.

photo by Yehuda Glick

Most of us photographed here are from Shiloh, which was the Jewish National and Religious Capital and resting place (location) of the Mishkan, Tabernacle for 369 years. That's before Jerusalem was declared the Capital of the Jewish Kingdom of King David. Rachel Sela of Shiloh leads groups of women, in Hebrew, on the Temple Mount. She kept us fascinated with her explanations of the Holiness and history of the site and how to behave and where it is permitted to go. Afterwards we celebrated with a festive meal in the "Hebron Quarter" which is a section of what is inaccurately known as the "Moslem Quarter." This is where many Jews from Hebron had lived. Please contact me if you'd like to join her.

Nowadays women are as active in the movement to bring more Jewish life and ritual to the Temple Mount as men. But it wasn't always so.

My husband was drafted  by Menachem Ben-Yashar, of Massuot Yitzchak, to the very small ranks of Jews who defied the authorities to go up on the Temple Mount a short time after our aliyah, move, to Israel, September, 1970.  Yes, exactly forty-four 44 years ago.

In those days, there were only men among the activists. Menachem came to speak to my husband about it, not to speak to both of us. It just wasn't a "woman's issue." Actually, it never occurred to me that I, too, should go up. They'd frequently end up being beaten and dragged by the police and even getting stitched up in the Emergency Ward. Obviously, that wasn't my "thing."

my husband's blog banner

Over the decades, things changed, and women did get involved, but I didn't. It wasn't because I disagreed with the rights of Jews to ascend the Temple Mount to pray; I firmly believed and believe that we should be there. A very small portion of the area is of such holiness that we shouldn't enter. And I also believe that it would be better that we do enter and build the Third Temple than allow the Muslim Arabs and Christian tourists to defile it.

Christian tourists enter freely, while we wait.

There's lots of space and rubble, even close to the Holy of Holies where the Muslims built their "Dome of the Rock."

Most of what is today the Temple Mount is the Herodian Extension, which doesn't have the highest level of holiness. What surprised me was how small our restricted area actually is.

I only began thinking seriously about my own aliyah l'Har HaBayit in recent years. My life has been full of other things and politically with other battles. About a year ago, Rachel and I spoke about it, and she was so shocked that I hadn't yet gone up. For younger women, raised in a more feminist time, when women do and learn many of the things men do, it's considered natural for women to ascend to Judaism's holiest spot. I felt rather silly trying to explain why it had taken me so many decades to do what felt so natural once I got up there.

One of the topics she mentioned as we walked around was the holiness of the Kotel, the Western Wall. As readers of my blogs know, I can't relate to the worship of the place and the custom to leave what I call "letters to Santa Claus."

Glimpse of the Kotel while walking up to the Temple Mount

Rachel pointed out that the "Western Wall" which Chazal, our Sages, refer to is not that Herodian built  outer wall, but the western wall of the Temple Courtyard.

Today that holy wall no longer remains. The holiness of the popular Kotel is the same as for any Jerusalem synagogue. And when praying there, we must turn slightly to the left to face the Kodesh Kodeshim, Holy of Holies.

Two final points to finish this post:

  • I am very glad that I finally ascended The Temple Mount. It felt right and good to do so.

  • But I'm outraged with every fiber of my body and soul that it is forbidden for Jews to pray there by the State of Israel!
  • Tuesday, September 2, 2014

    B"H, I Ascended Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount! #1, Anti-Jewish Discrimination, Forced to Wait

    This will be the first of at least two posts about my experience ascending Har HaBayit.

    Here's a picture of some of the group I was with, yes, right there on Har HaBayit, where our two Holy Temples stood in Biblical times. Yes, I was really there!
    The good news is that my friends and I were permitted to ascend the Temple Mount today. The bad news is that we were forced to wait while non-Jewish tourists went up without any delays.

    We handed in our Identity Cards for inspection and had to also let the security staff check everything we had with us, from money to camera, phones to pens. They didn't return our ID's for quite a while. I was afraid that they'd be holing them the entire time we'd be up there. But they gave them back when we had permission to enter.

    Those on the left are the tourists who could just go in, while my friends and I spent close to an hour trying to keep out of the sun and looking for a place to sit.

    As the morning got later, the sun got stronger, and we still had to wait.

    In the meantime, tourists from all over the world went up without any delays, just simple security checks. At least it wasn't as bad as the previous time I had attempted to enter. Then the gate was closed completely. Today we just had to be patient and polite, because the police guards were too quick to take offense and threaten banishment. Also when I tried a couple of months ago, we checked out other gates, even though they are only open to Arabs, and the Arabs don't get any security check. They can bring and do bring weapons up there.

    About a month they took over and burnt the police station on The Temple Mount.

    It's black from the fires the Arabs lit at the police station.

    But it's davka Jews who are searched and restricted.

    At least today we were allowed up. More about this to follow.