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Friday, November 27, 2015

Stop Trying to Placate The Arab Terrorists aka "Palestinians" sic

Israel is at war for its very survival. Our enemies are sociopaths, pathological liars. There is absolutely no way to negotiate a "peace" with them, because PEACE is the antithesis of what they aim for.

The irony is that when they do tell the truth, people all over the world, including Israel interpret their words into a very PC politically correct distortion. The truth is that the two main so-called Palestinian sic "political groups," Hamas and Fatah are really the same in terms of ideology. They both promote terror against Israel and Jews. They have no desire to live in peace with the State of Israel. When they express support for the "two state solution" it is to create such a weakened Israel that totally destroying it, Gd forbid, wouldn't be a problem.

I highly suggest signing up for updates from the Palestinian Media Watch. Their staff goes through and translates for the open-minded international public what the Arabs write for themselves and what the mainstream media and the "world" refuse to publicize and recognize.

We live in very dangerous times, and ignoring the truth just causes more terror and death. And remember that it is not just Israel that is in danger. The Arab Muslims want to take over the world and remake it in their own image. That is why there have been terror attacks all over.

Ellen Horowitz

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Priority Must be to "let West Bank Arabs Jews live as normal lives as possible"

IDF blog

I was seething when I saw this headline in the Jerusalem Post:
Yaalon: We must let West Bank Arabs live as normal lives as possible
Instead of worrying about the Arabs, our Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, should be worrying about us Jews!! And not just the Jews here in Judea-Samaria. Think of all the recent terror attacks in Tel Aviv, Kiryat Gat etc.

The 5 victims from the Nov. 19 terror attacks

This most recent "wave of terror" has proven the old myth a lie that the Arabs just want Judea, Samaria, the Golan and Jordan Valley, what Israel liberated in the most dramatic and decisive defensive war, the 1967 Six Days War. After very public threats to destroy Israel by Egypt, Syria and Jordan, Israel was forced to defend itself for its very existance. The result was totally miraculous; military experts from around the world can't explain how it happened. Not only did Israel survive, but it defeats all three armies and rounded out its previous borders, which were just ceasefire lines. The new borders were easily defensible, unlike the previous ones which had no logic to them and had made Israel the most vulnerable country in the world.

As the dust settled after the war, the Israeli Government inexplicably decided to use the liberated land to offer in exchange for "peace." This failed policy is the cause of the Arab terror we suffer from to this very day. If Israel had only declared full sovereignty immediately and encouraged Jewish return to our Biblical ancestral Homeland, we'd be living in true peace.

Statements like Ya'halon's are just continuations of that faulty mentality/policy. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Words, Words, Words, aka LIES!

I think it'll be easier if we're all mentally prepared. Kerry's coming for another of his "visits," and no doubt his speeches will be peppered with lots of "sympathy" and crocodile tears for the Jewish victims of Arab terror.

Since we know that he's just a marionette of Barack Hussein Obama, I don't want to hear that "finally he is saying something good" and other naive responses.

Today's politicians are just actors saying lines. And they'll say whatever they and their handlers think will bring them more votes or better standings in the polls.

And don't forget that Hillary Clinton is really great at pretending she loves Israel and Jews. She's been part of the biggest and most popular faux "lovebirds couple" for about a half a century already. The Bill and Hillary act deserves multiple Oscars.

If Hillary "regrets kissing  Suha Arafat," it's only because the picture hasn't been forgotten. Hillary wants to be President of the USA, and that kiss can lose her votes. As Muslim (Arab Muslim) terrorism spreads all over the world, more and more people are seeing the connection between Arafat's Palestinians and those terrorists attacking Paris, Mali etc.

Please remember that all their speeches from public figures and politicians all over the world are crafted to make people like and respect them. It's all fake. Judge actions, not well rehearsed words.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jonathan Jay Pollard -- A Greek Tragedy

I see the Jonathan Jay Pollard story as a classic Greek Tragedy not yet complete.
A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances. (The Free Dictionary)
"Lytras nikiforos antigone polynices" by Nikiphoros Lytras 
I studied "World Drama" as my English requirement in my senior year of high school. I really enjoyed it, especially some of the Greek Drama. My favorite was Antigone. I loved the idea that she was fighting for an important religious principle, the ritual burial of her brother. Considering that at the same time, I was struggling to find ways to be a Torah observant Jew, while living in a very non-observant world, Antigone's struggles and principles seemed very easy to identify with. I wonder if Jonathan Jay Pollard considered his attempts to help the State of Israel as Antigone-like, too.

There are five acts in Greek Tragedy.


The Jewish Journal's Jonathan Pollard timeline very eerily fits the bill:
1979 Pollard is hired as a naval intelligence analyst.
1984 Pollard meets an Israeli intelligence officer and soon begins to sell him information.
1985 After attempting to gain asylum through the Israeli embassy in
Washington, D.C., Pollard is arrested.
1987 Pollard pleads guilty to spying and is sentenced to life in prison. and
1998 Israel admits Pollard acted as an agent on its behalf.
2015 A federal panel grants Pollard parole.
I see the timeline, especially as Greek Tragedy a bit differently. What do you think?
  • Act I Prologue: Jonathan Jay Pollard, idealistic Jewish American Zionist gets sensitive job as naval intelligence analyst for the United States Government.
  • Act II Conflict: Pollard sees data he is convinced should be transferred to the Israeli Government. He contacts the Israeli Government and is paid for his services.
  • Act III Rising Action-Climax: The Americans are aware of Pollard's actions; Pollard and his wife Anne flee to Israeli Embassy. Israel allows the Americans to arrest them. The Pollards are both convicted. 
  • Act IV Falling Action: Jonathan Jay Pollard is given an unprecedentedly long and difficult jail term for such a crime. He divorces Anne, who after serving her sentence moves to Israel. A woman named Esther aka Elaine Zeitz makes contact with Pollard and convinces him that only she and not his family and original supporters can be relied on. According to her, they are married by Jewish Law. Since then, she has taken control of his case.
  • Act V Denouement: After thirty years in prison, Pollard is paroled under severe restrictions. 
Pollard is basically in what can be called a glorified house arrest. Just like serial pedophiles, the prison authorities have set him up with tracking devices and he cannot go far from the home that was found for him. He is also forbidden to give interviews etc. Now, to be perfectly honest, I don't know who's more afraid of him, the Americans or the Israelis. Any sensitive security information he may remember from his work has no real value today. So I can't see what the Americans are so afraid of. And considering how the Israeli authorities rather immorally left him  to the dogs, I'd say that the Prime Minister at the time, Shimon Peres and his handler Rafi Eitan, are the ones who prefer him to be muzzled.

This is a sad and tragic story, which is not yet over.

Monday, November 23, 2015

International Arab Terrorism Cramping People's Style

Photo by Batya Medad

About a year ago, we heard that there would be a family wedding in New York late this year. Everybody kept telling us that to save money we must get our tickets early. That was the popular wisdom of old. There's such a limited amount of airplane tickets that as the date gets closer, especially if it's around a big holiday, prices will skyrocket. Well, for various reasons, I was wary of planning too far in advance.

Photo by Batya Medad
The past few years I've been buying my ticket to visit my father in Arizona just a couple of weeks before traveling. I've always gotten reasonably priced tickets for the times I needed to fly. But I knew that I was risking it this time. New York City on New Year's Eve is a biggie, so how many tickets could possibly be left less than two months in advance when the smart people made their plans many  months in earlier? And since supply and demand can raise the price, how much more would I be paying than the rest of the family?

It seems like prices have not climbed the way people had predicted. There is an easy to guess reason for that. It's the terrorism, more exact Arab Muslim terrorism. No matter what excuse/rationale/issue etc the terrorists use to "excuse" the murder and mayhem, fewer and fewer people feel comfortable and confident flying and traveling.  Paris suspect eludes Belgian dragnet, Brussels still in lockdown  (Reuters) Many people feel safest close to home. Midair airplane explosions are even more frightening and off-putting than the previous generation's airplane hijacking.

Even out of the way luxury hotels, like the one recently attacked in Mali, are not havens.

On Friday, gunmen stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali's capital, Bamako, taking hostage 170 people, many of them foreign nationals. photo credit

Many friends who usually travel abroad frequently are now limiting their travel and trying to get their family members to do the same.

I have no doubt that financially I benefited from the fear, chaos and terrorism. Gd willing my family and I will fly safely and peacefully to our destinations and back home again.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jonathan Jay Pollard- Glorified House Arrest

Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard (C), who was released from a U.S. federal prison in North Carolina overnight, leaves U.S. District court with his wife, Elaine Zeitz, in the Manhattan borough of New York, November 20, 2015.
Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/20/us-israel-usa-pollard-idUSKCN0T910O20151120#sWxByPuTgVmcekpP.99
I consider it very difficult to sincerely celebrate the "release" of Jonathan Jay Pollard from American prison, since he is still a prisoner. The only differences are that his prison is larger, more open and he can have home-cooked food.
Pollard was not set completely free, so he still has to check in regularly with a parole officer and can be returned to prison for poor behavior. He is not permitted to leave the United States for five years, to give interviews. Pollard is required to wear an electronic bracelet at all times for GPS tracking of his whereabouts and to be subject to unfettered monitoring and inspection of his computers as well as those of any employer who chooses to hire him......The lawyers wrote that the conditions were illegal, because they violate a federal statute, federal regulations, and the constitution, which strictly constrain the imposition of conditions on parolees. They said monitoring and tracking conditions imposed on Pollard were most commonly imposed on pedophiles, stalkers and similarly dangerous felons who must be closely supervised at all times for the protection of their victims. (Jerusalem Post)
The unprecedented and continued punishment of Pollard can only be attributed to the fact that he's Jewish and gave security information to Israel, which is and has been since before the time of his crime American's official ally. Now, compare Pollard's treatment with the warm embrace United States President Barack Hussein Obama is offering the Arab Muslim refugees sic from Syria and other Arab countries...

Jews, come home to Israel!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Where have All The Arabs Gone?

There was a time when Jews and Arabs shopped together in perfect harmony in Rami Levy and Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin. I'm not making this up. I've been working in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin for almost five years.

Not only did the locals Arabs shop, but their visitors would take pictures of each other with the Hebrew signs in the background very happily, just like tourists do all over the world. Going to Sha'ar Binyamin to shop for Arab tourists was like when I go to outlet malls and stores in the states.

For the past few months there have been almost no Arab shoppers. Arab employees show up, because they do not want to risk losing their jobs. But we no longer see Arabs wheeling carts loaded with food, water, toilet paper etc, and even those Arabs who used to shop by us on a regular basis telling us that they can't find such good children's clothes in their shops haven't been in for a long time.

There have been rumors that our former customers are afraid. Some say they are afraid of us, Israelis, but a friend who spoke to one said that the story is worse. You may not be all that surprised to hear that the Arab ( PA-Palestinian Authority) authorities have threatened Arabs who shop in Jewish stores. There are even roadblocks and inspections of cars that are suspected of coming from Jewish commercial areas. If merchandise from Jewish stores is found, it's confiscated/stolen by the inspectors. So that, apparently is the reason even our formerly best customers no longer shop with us.

Friday, November 20, 2015

"Five" is an Awful Number of Murdered Jews

I had always liked the number five 5. My birthday is the 25 (5x5) of May, the fifth 5th month. I also have five 5 children, bli eyin haraa.

Paramedics treating victims at the scene of a terror attack in Gush Etzion on November 19, 2015. (photo credit:MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
But yesterday five innocent Jews were murdered in two Arab terror attacks, and the number five is not looking so good. It's worse than tarnished; it's splattered with blood.

One terror attack was a stabbing by an Arab terrorist in Tel Aviv, and the other was a drive by shooting in Gush Etzion.
...A Palestinian who drove from the direction of the Kfar Etzion junction, machined gunned the cars, with an automatic rifle, before hitting a vehicle. Security forces surrounded the terrorist and arrested him......Earlier on Thursday, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed three people in south Tel Aviv, killing two of them and wounding another... (Jerusalem Post)
Are we supposed to be puzzled or warned by those two locations?

Tel Aviv and Gush Etzion-- until not all that long ago, both locations (the residents of them of course) felt supremely confident that they were not in danger. According to the wisdom of Tel Aviv, the Arabs only wanted land "conquered/occupied" sic since the 1967 Six Days War. That meant that places like Tel Aviv were immune, because in mind/mentality of the Israeli elite, Arabs could be convinced that they (the Israeli elite) are their allies in establishing a Palestinian sic state. And for the longest time, residents of Gush Etzion considered themselves much safer in the diplomatic sense at least, because they claimed a "consensus" of approval by successive Israeli governments that they would always be part of the State of Israel, unlike the Shomron, Binyamin or Hebron etc.

This recent so-called "Third Intifada" has proven these two myths to be lies. The percentage of deadly Arab terror attacks in pre-1967 Israel and Gush Etzion is very high, and I wonder if the residents and Israel's movers and shakers are willing to comprehend and absorb the bloody lesson the Arab terrorists are teaching.

The aim of the Fatah, Hamas meaning  PA-Palestinian Authority is the total destruction of the State of Israel replacing it with a Palestinian terror state. As far as they and their international supporters are concerned, there's no difference between Tel Aviv and Tel Tzion, Afula and Eli, Hebron and Hadera.

For the State of Israel to survive we must cease all support for a State of Palestine aka the "Two State Solution." And all of the Land still in Israel's hands must be fully annexed and put under full Israeli Sovereignty. The Death Penalty must be the only punishment for Arab terrorists whether they succeed in murdering or not. No more second chances!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Syrian Refugees, Not Emma Lazarus's "Tired and Poor"

When people hear the word "refugee" the gut reaction is to think of those poor huddled masses escaping poverty and discrimination trying to find a new home, opportunities to assimilate into a warmer, better culture of opportunities, shedding their poverty and even culture and religion to give their children a chance for a better life.
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
Emma Lazarus 
Whether Jewish, Irish, Italian or whatever, along with their aim to improve their lives and that of their children, there always was an unbreakable loyalty to the country that was giving them that opportunity.

Now in the twenty-first 21st century there seems to be a different sort of "refugee." They more resemble the post-World War Two Nazis who disguised themselves as victims, even as Jews, in order to escape punishment. Today there are Syrians on a mission trying to enter and infiltrate all sorts of countries around the world to promote their terrorist agendas, more dangerous than the USSR "sleepers" of old, because they lack the patience that was inherent in those foreign agents.

I don't think that anyone was surprised to hear that the terrorists involved in the recent attacks in Paris had entered France as refugees. As we all know, nobody is going to advertise their terrorist connections and plans when entering a country.


Countries all over the world want to find a way to limit and check refugees before allowing them to enter their country. And of course there are those like United States President Barack Hussein Obama who refuse to expand the screening process of those who want refugee status.
The legislation was introduced amid concerns over the entry of Syrian refugees in the wake of the discovery of a Syrian passport near the body of one assailant in the Paris attacks.
No less than 24 states announced earlier this week they would block the program to resettle Syrian migrants within their borders, though White House officials defended the current refugee program.
President Obama himself earlier on Wednesday struck out at Republicans, accusing them of demonizing "widows and orphans" and of “hysteria” following the Paris attacks. (Arutz 7)
Modern life, Europe and flying are just getting more and more dangerous. My friends and I here in Israel feel much safer than those abroad and have concerns over the safety if we have to travel to another country.

As as a postscript to this, I have no doubt that if, Gd forbid, a Palestinian sic state was to be established, the residents of such a state would be clamoring to leave. The only ones who would stay would be those "on the take." I see that in the enthusiasm of Arabs who will do anything to work for Jewish businesses like the Rami Levy in Sha'ar Binyamin. It's  a very convincing example of "voting with their feet." They prefer Israeli rule over Arab rule.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The World is "Hot and Bothered" by an Oxymoron

Successive Israeli Governments exist in a La la Land, in which they think that if they agree to give away some parts of our Land then the world will accept Israel's sovereignty over other parts. If the Eshkol Israeli Government of 1967 had just annexed all of the Land we liberated in the Six Days War and declared it all ours, then the world wouldn't be making such a hullaballoo now over Jews living in Jerusalem or what some call "east Jerusalem settlements" sic. That term is an oxymoron.

I saw it in YahooNews:
Netanyahu approves selling east Jerusalem settlement units: govt.

Ramat Eshkol, one of the oldest of the Jerusalem neighborhoods build in land liberated in the 1967 Six Days War
You can't have a "settlement" in a city. These are neiborhoods!

Israel's One-Sided Love Affair with the World

The Shomron regional council organized a very clever "solidarity with France" campaign, which was also a dig at France's foreign policy.
Watch: 'Settlers stand with France'
"Settlers stand with France"
Samaria Residents' Committee
 A group of activists from the Samaria Residents' Committee - an organization which campaigns for the rights of Jews in Samaria - handed out French flags labeled in French "Settlers stand with France" to motorists and pedestrians alike....
But underneath the message of solidarity emblazoned on the flag is another message of sorts: a label informing that they were produced "Product of Judea and Samaria." (Arutz 7)
According to reports, the French media has been ignoring the various solidarity acts in Israel when they report on how the world is reacting to Friday night's terror attacks.

And on Sunday I heard the television reporters acting very troubled and confused when they discussed how while Israel is still constantly reporting on the terror attacks, the French media has gone back to business as usual with the regular programming.

When will we in Israel recognize that our love is not returned. We have no reliable allies!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Soldiers all Over and More

The other night when I was waiting for a ride home from Ofra one of the soldiers stationed at the trempiada, aka hitchhiking post just outside of Ofra heard me speak and spoke to me in English asking where I'm from. It ends up that he's from Monsey and has grandparents someplace on Long Island. He knows the street name but not the town. We didn't get to talk too much, because a neighbor pulled up and took me home.

Yes, there are soldiers stationed everywhere. Last week when I was waiting at the T Junction to Beit El aka Givat Asaf, there were a whole bunch there, too. I could hardly see them and then, after looking up, I realized that the lightbulb in the streetlight over the spot had gone out. It was awful. You couldn't see who was in the cars pulling up to offer rides. And you couldn't see what license plates that were on the cars. That's not safe at all. I'm an old hand at tremping aka hitchhiking, and I like to see who's coming. So I asked the soldiers to please report the lack of proper lighting to their superiors or whomever, which they did. But a few nights lighter when passing by I could see that it hadn't yet been repaired. (If you're from Beit El or work there, please have it fixed if it hasn't been.)

I've also seen a lot more fully equipped soldiers at Sha'ar Binyamin. Some are standing around guarding and others shopping for noshes.

No doubt they find it a lot more pleasant and convenient being stationed by Rami Levy than wandering the roads by Arab villages. The presence of all the soldiers is more a deterrence than anything. Most terrorists, like muggers, look for "easy marks" to attack.

Nowadays, many more Israelis who have licensed guns are taking their guns with them everyplace. That's what neighbors tell me. Last night at work a young family came into the shoe store, and while they had the young children trying on shoes, one of the kids began to cry:
"What happened?" asked the mother.
"Abba's (daddy's) gun scraped me." said the little girl.
Apparently when the father picked her up, his easy to draw gun or the metal I saw sticking out of his waistband got in the way. That's today's reality here. Many of the Arab terrorists of late have been immediately executed on the spot by prepared civilians like that young father. Most people are not letting the fear of Arab terrorism keep them home, but there's no Pollyanna-like ignoring of dangers.

I'm not the only one who hasn't changed routines at all. But one thing is that don't travel with earphones listening to lectures the way I once did. We have to stay alert. It's also not good to be busy reading/watching the screen when outside. And remember not to panic and stay home. The very vast majority of Israelis, towns, cities and neighborhoods will never be targeted by Arab terrorists. And about the Yafiz and Rami Levy compound in Sha'ar Binyamin, besides the soldiers there have always been extra security and a gate. Even though there are Arab employees, I think it's safer than the rest of Sha'ar Binyamin or any Israeli street and most stores.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Jewish Building Will Prevent Terrorism

Just to make it clear that all opinions, interpretations and politics are mine and mine only.

Last week at a new class I'm taking in Matan, Ezra-Nehemiah: Shivat Tzion´s Challenges and Triumphs by, Yael Leibowitz, I felt myself in one of those deja vu experiences.

I had decided to take that course, even though it makes my Wednesdays very long, full and rushed, because I had a feeling that I'd find a lot of crucial and important similarities between the Ezra-Nechemia era and today. And just that you know, I had known absolutely nothing about that era until I began the course. Last week showed that my instinct was correct. Leibowitz was telling us about the arguments of the time as to whether or not to build the Second Temple. There was extreme poverty in the Jewish community of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel at the time, so many complained that it would be impossible, but the visionaries insisted, very much like the Kevin Costner movie:
"If you build it, he will come."  Field of Dreams (1989)
At least that is what shouted in my mind. And there were some agreeing laughs when I said some mangled version of the line in class.

There are so many parallels in today's controversies surrounding the Temple Mount, establishing Jewish communities and building in Judea, Samaria, Jordan Valley etc. In the Ezra-Nechemia era, like today Jewish leaders feared building and made all sorts of excuses for not building. And on the other side there were those who insisted that building would prevent and solve the poverty and terrorism of the time.

The Prophet Chagai made it clear that building the Temple would bring prosperity. And during last week's lesson, I couldn't stop thinking of my feelings about all of the towns, cities and communities named after people murdered by terrorists. If only we had built them earlier, then those good Jews would not have been murdered.

More recently, in June, 1967, if after the Six Days War, if we had begun building the Third Jewish Temple, instead of handing the keys of the Temple Mount over to the wakf, we would now be living in true PEACE!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Not All Terror Victims are Equal

Why is Jewish blood considered cheaper than any other?

This post is not to belittle the recent terror attacks in Paris, nor say anything against those victims of ISIS Arab Muslim terror. But I'm sick and tired of the fact that we never see international identification and sympathy for Jewish and Israeli victims, like we see after other terror attacks. And I'm not only talking about responses from abroad. The Israeli media, politicians etc are no better.

being passed around on facebook
This composite compares the headlines of the Paris attacks and the Arab terror attack on the Litman family just before Shabbat which resulted in the murder of the father and son.

  • "Terror attack in Israel: Father and son were killed in an attack near Otniel."
  • "Terror attack in France: About 150 were murdered..."
Why the difference in verbs? One is killed in an accident, and the Litman family was not in an accident. They were attacked--targeted by Arab terrorists. The resulting deaths were murder, plain and simple.

Litman funeral, photo Arutz 7
The world is responding to the Friday night ISIS terror attacks in Paris in all sorts of ways. 
Solidarity in symbols: Responding with light to Paris attacksJust an hour after a series of attacks rocked Paris on Friday night, the Eiffel Tower went dark in mourning.
But the response worldwide was to turn on the light: Three colors began appearing in solidarity: blue, white, and red. (Yahoo)

Here in Israel we've had to cope with many terror attacks with similarly proportionate deaths to the population, but in no case has the world shown much sympathy nor any identification, outside of Jewish communities. 

As I've said many times, I have no doubt that the fact that the world sympathizes with the Arab aka Palestinian sic terrorists who murder and terrorize us here in Israel contributes to the confidence and enthusiasm of the terrorists  who are terrorizing France and the rest of the world.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

What a Terrible Start to The Week and Jewish Month

I first titled this post "What an Awful Start to The Week and Jewish Month," but as the news of all the terror attacks kept reverberating in my head, I realized that using the word/adjective "Terrible" with the linguistic connection to "TERRORIST/TERROR" was much more suitable. I had never connected the two words before, but now it is so obvious that they have to be connected.

This past Thursday and Friday were Rosh Chodesh Kislev, the Jewish Month that has the shortest daylight and really begins winter. I had a lovely Friday at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh for Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayers and then a very busy day finishing the cooking and cleaning. I wasn't on the computer nor listening nor checking news. It must have been similar for my neighbors, because nobody mentioned an rumors about a serious fatal terror attack near Hebron before Shabbat.

Rabbi Ya'akov Litman, HaY"D (in photo) and his son 
Netanel, HaY"D were murdered right before
Shabbat near Otniel, south of Hevron.
So, I just wasn't prepared for the news that Arab terrorists had shot up a car of innocent Jews which resulted in the murder of two of them, a father and son.

And of course I hadn't a clue of the massive terror attack in Paris over Shabbat, which had nothing to do with Jews and antisemitism. Over a hundred people have been murdered by the Islamic State ISIS terrorists in a series of coordinated attacks there and many more injured.

I have no doubt that many Europeans are getting terrified of all the Arab refugees streaming flooding into Europe. The leader of the Paris attacks was a refugee who had arrived a few months ago. There is a fact that is being ignored by the European Union in its attempts to show how humanitarian they are. Arab Muslims do not make an aim/effort to integrate and assimilate. And the quantities of Arab Muslim refugees even small towns must take in are impossible to comprehend.
German town of 100 must take 1,000 Syrian migrants
I'm sure that the powerful politicians and bureaucrats who made these decisions live far away, very much like the Americans in the 1960's who favored integrating schools, but not where their children studied.

Especially considering the very low birthrate of white Christian Europeans, it's clear that in the generation or two, Europe will have totally changed. Start checking out the ethnic and religious status of the school children and the maternity wards, and the future will be clear.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Truth on Fox News!

JTF News

This was in the Yahoo news feed this morning:
'Stab the Zionist': Palestinian songs celebrate killing Jews
HAIFA, Israel – Songs about stabbing Jews to death -- including one by the winner of the Arab equivalent of "American Idol" -- are all the rage on West Bank airwaves, a year after the twisted hit parade featured calls for running down Israelis with cars.
The youth of the Palestinian territories are being bombarded with funky tunes and catchy lyrics about murder and martyrdom on government-controlled radio amid the ongoing wave of knife attacks plaguing Jerusalem. So far, a dozen Israelis have been killed and scores injured, while more than 70 Palestinians have been killed carrying out attacks or in mob violence directed at Israeli security forces. Critics say Palestinian leaders, and now pop stars, are blatantly encouraging the attacks.
“We’re going down from every house with cleavers and knives,” goes the refrain in "I'm Coming Towards You, My Enemy." The same song asks, “How will you escape the ring of fire while the crowds are blocking the way?”

I hope that people all over the world read it to help counteract the sympathetic to the so-called Palestinians sic articles most news agencies publish. There isn't much truth in the news; there are a lot of distortions and outright lies. Even the Israeli media is guilty of portraying Arabs as innocent and Jews as guilty. I'm glad that Fox uses the press releases from the Palestinian Media Watch.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Support Jewish "West Bank" sic Businesses!!

Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/11/us-israel-eu-labelling-idUSKCN0T013B20151111#BokQOFrd1yTmiOjX.99
I don't care what you say about me, as long as you say something about me, and as long as you spell my name right.
George M. Cohan
Gd willing the labeling of products made in Jewish businesses Judea/Samaria will help rather than hinder! EU moves ahead with labeling goods made in Israeli settlements. There are many people who will davka use the labeling to buy products produced here.  I hope they will put out a comprehensive list so that people will know which products are best to buy.

Thanks to the international and home-grown antisemites we can grow even greater!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Convert-the-Jew Joel Rosenberg Headlines Jerusalem Leaders Summit

Posted by JewishIsrael.com

Convert-the-Jew Joel Rosenberg Headlines Jerusalem Leaders Summit

Evangelical leaders Joel Rosenberg and Michele Bachmann are making headlines this week. Both "pro-Israel" Christians are publicly calling for the conversion of Jews. But while the press had a field day over Bachmann's comments, Rosenberg – the more virulent missionary- enjoyed a PR coup with his apocalyptic predictions at last week's Jerusalem Leaders Summit.

Why certain Jewish leaders from the public and private sector seemingly jump at the opportunity to rub shoulders with those who openly and actively seek the demise of Judaism is an age-old question, which urgently needs to be answeredmore

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Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayers, Not a Minyan

A few days ago a neighbor, a male, asked me if my Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayers at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh, uses a Torah Scroll for the traditional Rosh Chodesh Torah reading.
"No," I replied. "We don't do the faux men's style doveing."
He seemed surprised or was it disappointed, especially when he asked if we were interested in doing it. Again I said no and told him that it was enough for us to sing Hallel aloud together.  A few years ago, someone (not from the area of Shiloh) said she wouldn't go, because she does not approve of women's prayer groups. So I told her that we don't do that sort of prayers. It's individual prayers with the exception of the Hallel.

We pray more like the Biblical Chana/Hannah who prayed on her own directly to Gd. But we are there as a group. It means a lot to us to be together and to pray in the holy site where the Tabernacle, the predecessor of the Holy Temple stood for almost four hundred years.

The upcoming Rosh Chodesh Kislev is this coming Friday. Join us if you can.

Women's Prayers at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh Rosh Chodesh Kislev
Friday November 13, 2015
1st of Kislev, 5776, 8:30am
Hallel and Musaf for Rosh Chodesh
Tour of Tel Shiloh
Dvar Torah, Short Torah Lesson
Please come and invite family, friends and neighbors
תפילת נשים ראש חודש כסלו בשילה הקדומה, תל שילה
יום ו' 13-11  א' כסלוי, תשע"ו 8:30
הלל ומוסף לראש חודש
יהיה דבר תורה קצר וסיור בתל
כדאי לבוא ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

Please save the date and let others know. Join our facebook group for more updates. And remember that there are many other things to do at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh. It's open to visitors six days a week. For more information call  02-994-4019.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Two State Solution" Causes Terrorism

U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands during their meeting in the Oval Office of the... KEVIN LAMARQUE November 09, 2015 11:11am EST
Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/search/pictures?blob=obama+netanyahu+2015&sortBy=relevance&dateRange=pastWeek#drVJgsCbibpZtEfw.99

The security situation in Israel has been rapidly deteriorating ever since Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did his dramatic turnaround and began to support the idea of a Palestinian sic state. It was a very dumb, foolish and badly thought out move by him.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday that he remained committed to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as they sought to mend ties strained by acrimony over Middle East diplomacy and Iran.Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/10/us-israel-usa-meeting-idUSKCN0SY1WJ20151110#Y3UWxRXF2Fdmy0P5.99
Netanyahu, considering himself to be smarter than everyone else, was sure that all of the provisos and conditions he tacked onto that future state would make it impossible for such a thing to ever exist. The only problem is that the world isn't interested in following all of his conditions and details. I've been working in marketing, ok simple sales, for years, and I know that people only see the "half price" on the sign and never the "second item." All the world and the Arabs care about is the "Palestinian State." They consider all those conditions Bibi has tacked on to be irrelevant window-dressing or subject to negotiations.

The Arabs aren't as dumb as Bibi likes to think they are. They know that if Fatah or Hamas will be taking over, and who else could be ruling a Palestinian State?, it's safest to butter up to the terrorist leaders. And how do Arabs and their clans butter up to Fatah and Hamas? They terrorize, attack and murder innocent Jews. And since Arab MKs show support for the terrorists, a high percentage of the Arab terrorist are now Israeli or with papers giving them free access to all of the State of Israel, so Arab terrorism is not limited to Judea and Samaria.

The Israeli government has made it clear that it will eventually be moving out, and that means that it won't offer any protection to peaceful law abiding Arabs. It's as simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Lame Duck Obama and PM Bibi Meet Again

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2010.
Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters
From what I've been able to glean from the news, both United States President, the lame duck, Barack Hussein Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, are hoping for a polite drama-less summit this week. They went head to head last time Netanyahu was in the states over the "Iran deal," and with elections to replace Obama just a year away and Israel's suffering daily Arab terror attacks, neither of them want negative headlines.

I highly doubt if their personal chemistry can ever improve. Obama and Bibi are so extremely different in both their ideologies, educational backgrounds and mentalities. Obama was raised by his extreme, far-Left mother, who even gave him foreign, rather than American education and culture. Netanyahu comes from Israel's Right; his father, Professor Benzion Netanyahu PHD, was a world renown historian who taught in prestigious universities around the world and raised his sons to be IDF heros. It's possible that Bibi had more years of mainland American education than Obama did. Even more than political ideology, there's a frequent phenomenon I've noticed here in Israel which can be seen in the bad chemistry between Bibi and Obama. American and Israeli males are very different and can have serious trouble establishing friendships.

There's also a lot of personal anger between Netanyahu and Obama. The Americans illegally and immorally funded and supported the last Knesset campaign against Bibi, the V15, which had a slogan/motto of "anyone but Bibi."
The Obama administration is using taxpayer dollars to fund a radical anti-Israel group that aims to drive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office in March parliamentary elections.
And the U.S.-based group receiving the U.S. government money, OneVoice International, in turn is working with V15, an "independent grassroots movement" in Israel, according to Ha'aretz. V15's unofficial motto is said to be "anyone but Bibi," a reference that includes the prime minister's nickname. (Frontpagemag)
It's no secret that Netanyahu has many supporters and long-time friends in the Republican Party, which continuously irks Obama, but nothing that Bibi has ever done can be compared to the immoral, and probably illegal, V15.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the aim of this upcoming meeting is "common ground." So, no doubt both Obama and Netanyahu will try to follow whatever script that has been planned in advance, or they would not be meeting at all.

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu look out a window before their lunch at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. (photo credit:OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PHOTO / PETE SOUZA)

Obama, more than a decade younger than Netanyahu, is most probably looking forward to his forced by law early retirement, while there doesn't seem like a dignified and respectable way for Bibi to leave office in the near future.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Temple Mount, Essence of Jewish Rights

Beit HaMikdash, Jewish Holy Temple on Temple Mount
(photo by me, Batya Medad)
One does not need to be a PHD in World History to know that Judaism predates both Christianity and Islam and that Islam is the baby of the three. That's why the only fuel to the nonexistent denials to the rantings of Arab preachers, politicians etc that the Temple Mount is originally theirs must be antisemitism, pure hatred of Jews and Israelis.
The preacher, Mohammed Salim, declared that the compound belongs solely to Muslims, claiming that the proof is in its name “Al-Aqsa” (lit. the extreme). In light of this “fact”, claimed Salim, the question is “how the Jews are lying about their sovereignty and claim that the Temple stood on this mountain?”
Salim stressed that the Muslims are the sole owners of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and that praying in it is the right of Muslims. Control of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the entry of Muslims is a matter of their own and no one has the authority to intervene but Muslims, said he added. (Arutz 7)
photo by me, Batya Medad
Unfortunately not enough Jews and Israelis really care about history and our rights to the Temple Mount and even the Land of Israel. And they don't listen carefully to what our Arab enemies are saying. The Arabs are speaking very clearly of their ultimate aim, which is our destruction and banishment, Gd forbid.

Jews who cooperate with those who ban Jews from visiting and praying on the Temple Mount are in essence also lending a hand in belittling our rights to the Land of Israel and weaken the legitimacy of the State of Israel. These two issues are actually one. That is because the Temple Mount is the essence of the Jewish Religion, which is the core of Zionism and Jewish History.

Amputating Jerusalem or parts of it from the State of Israel will only facilitate destruction, Gd forbid. The pre-June, 1967 Israel was a poor and backwards country. If we had lost the Six Days War, the country would have been destroyed. Our victory and subsequent growth has been miraculous and phenomenal, unprecedented in World History.

The Six Days War victory was without any human ally; no country helped Israel in any way. The United Nations assisted Egypt by withdrawing the so-called "peacekeeping forces," and the United States stood on the sidelines with all other countries.

Rabbi Yosef Elbaum and Rachel Sela, two Jewish Rights on Temple Mount activists. (photo by me, Batya Medad)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should remember that as well as I do; we are the same age. And therefore he should make it clear to Obama that we owe the United States nothing. The USA should be apologizing to Israel for supporting our enemies. Bibi must renege on his support for "two states." There must never be a Palestinian State; it would destroy the State of Israel, Gd forbid.