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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dumb Question: If We Just Have a Ceasefire and Then Return to "Status Quo," Won't the Gazan Arab Hamas Terrorists Just Build More Tunnels?

Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems to me that if there aren't some very radical changes in Gaza, they will just resume their terrorist activities against us.  We know that the United Nations and all sorts of "peacekeeping forces" never do anything that would endanger themselves, like stopping terrorists from building missiles, underground bunkers, networks of tunnels etc.

Most countries that contribute forces are more sympathetic to the Arab terrorist than to Israel.

People of my generation and older will never forget how the United Nations peacekeeping forces fled the minute Nasser said that he wanted to destroy Israel in 1967.

Why would Israel want a ceasefire. It would just signify our weakness that we blinked first. Kerry is even claiming that Bibi requested it.
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked for fresh US help in trying to broker a ceasefire in Gaza, top US diplomat John Kerry said Tuesday.
"Last night we talked, and the prime minister talked to me about an idea and a possibility of a ceasefire. He raised it with me, as he has consistently," Kerry said.
Netanyahu had said he "would embrace a ceasefire that permits Israel to protect itself against the tunnels and obviously not be disadvantaged for the great sacrifice they have made thus far." (Arutz 7)
Where's the truth and where's the logic? Why should we have to go thought this again and again? Each time we pay with more lives.

An Israeli army officer gives explanations to journalists on July 25, 2014 during an army organised tour in a tunnel said to be used by Palestinian militants for cross-border attacks. Israel launched its military offensive aiming at destroying tunnels used by militants. AFP Photo

Read more: http://www.thenational.ae/israeli-military-give-media-tour-of-gaza-tunnels#ixzz38sfPSw8g
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The Power of the Written Word

The power of the written word By Shifra Shomron When I autograph my novel Grains of Sand: The Fall of Neve Dekalim, I sign it: "Beyond time and beyond location - into my Gush Katif." It's now nearly nine years since the expulsion from Gush Katif, and I hope readers will be able to see and feel what Gush Katif residents experienced; during the years of beauty, the shadow of Arab terror and the stuggle against the disengagement. Interwoven are themes of family, love of nature, schooldays, the importance of community, the value of the individual, and facing one's fears.

Liane Chsherbakov was a young child living with her family in Ashdod during the expulsion. She recently read Grains of Sand: The Fall of Neve Dekalim. In this book review, she explains how the current security situation as well as her university studies help her connect to Gush Katif.

Another point of view
By Liane Chsherbakov

I was a little girl, only nine years old and in fourth grade, when The Disengagement happened. So at 18 I don’t remember it well. I remember always hearing about it on the news. At the time, as well as throughout my studies, school teachers seldom spoke about it. I never thought about The Disengagement since it wasn’t close to me. I hadn’t ever been to Gush Katif, didn’t know anyone living there, and never thought about it.

I understood from the media, television and news that The Disengagement was for the good of the people living there. I saw the event like it was a road leading to peace especially since the media reported over and over again: the people of Gush Katif are getting good conditions. I never gave any thought about how the people living there felt, what the youth and kids my own age were going through or how I would feel if it happened to me.

Reading Grains Of Sand The Fall Of Neve Dekalim as an 18 years old made me see and understand the settlers’ perspective. This was an entirely new point of view for me to consider. It made me think and question. The book is told through the life of Efrat, a teenager who tries to keep her routine normal. Efrat has to deal with things that a teenager shouldn’t have to like struggling with her own government to protect her.

Thanks to this book I could enter and experience what life was like there. I connected with Efrat worrying about her test grades and studying for the bagruts. I could relate to her being frightened from projectiles because here in Ashdod we’ve also been hit by rockets – and I had to take tests and study at school, run to the bomb shelter room with all this happening around me, too. This was after The Disengagement. Where was the peace I was led to believe in?

Now that I’m studying communications at the university I am more aware of how the media affects people's opinion. The media produces a reality. The book related to my studies, as it shows the difference between the way I remember the disengagement from the media images, based on the government orders, and how the girl from the book describes the event. It's important to hear more than one side of a story.

I don’t read books often. In fact, Grains Of Sand The Fall Of Neve Dekalim is the first novel I’ve read in English. It has motivated me to read more. It wasn’t just interesting; it helped me practice my English skills. It’s written in simple language that’s nice to read.

I definitely recommend reading Grains Of Sand The Fall Of Neve Dekalim. With our political situations, an event like the Disengagement could happen again. We have to hear the side of the victim and not only the official government (mis)information, like I did before reading this book.

Take "Two State Solution" Off of Table!!

As all of you who are familiar with my writing should know by now, I've never been in favor of this "two state solution." I've always considered it not only dangerous and unworkable, but it has always been clear to me that those who invented and promoted the concept, the fiction of a "Palestinian People" did it to supplant, replace destroy Zionism and the State of Israel.

Carefully examine and research history, and you'll never find such a people, society, grouping etc.

Over the millennia, the reason various armies, countries etc. attempted to invade, conquer, rule or destroy this small piece of land in the Middle East is simply a facet of antisemitism. The only people to ever independently rule this area have been the Jewish People. We had Judges, Prophets, Kingdoms and Kings for well over a thousand years. It has always been our spiritual center. First was a period of close to four hundred years when the Mishkan, the Holy Tabernacle stood here in Shiloh.

Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh, where the Biblical Tabernacle stood for Jewish worship for 369 years

Not only is it documented in the Bible, yes, the same Bible recognized by Christians as well as Jews, but archaeological excavations and research confirm it. If you understand spoken Hebrew, I suggest that you attend the כנס שילה Kennes Shiloh, Shiloh Conference this Thursday afternoon from 3pm at Shiloh Hakeuma, Tel Shiloh.

Just read the news, and you'll see that it's Fatah, no different from Hamas which is promoting the destruction of the State of Israel. So how can our government subscribe to the idea of giving them a state? Check out PMW:
Fatah incites violence: We are "as shining swords"
Caption: "Fatah - The Main Page"

"In the name of Allah the Merciful 'Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory.'

Protect the sanctuary and protect them
Knights of the sanctuary are holding the flags
Whenever they [Israelis] go crazy, and when our eyes are closed
We open our eyes on the sanctuary and its borders
When the land calls its men, it finds us as shining swords
There's nothing more precious. We kneel only to the Creator
When the land calls its men, it finds us as shining swords
There's nothing more precious. We kneel only to the Creator." 
Facebook, Fatah - The Main PageJuly 28, 2014(1 min)

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Moshiach Must Be Here, Pro-Right Hard-line Israeli Articles in "The Forward!"

I usually take a quick look at the headlines on the daily headlines sent to my inbox by The Jewish Daily Forward and then I quickly delete the mail. There is rarely anything I bother clicking to read. actually I can't remember the last time I read one of their articles until tonight. Three caught my eye:
I'm Done Apologizing By Menachem Creditor
My Pro-Israel Dad Was Right
‘Anti-Israel’ or ‘Anti-Semitic’? BY SIGAL SAMUEL

A man demonstrates at a Hong Kong rally calling for an end to Israel’s war in Gaza / Getty Images

Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/202924/when-anti-israel-looks-like-anti-semitism/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Opinion&utm_campaign=Opinion%202014-07-28#ixzz38nMtbkC8
I find it so encouraging to discover that there are open-minded Jews willing to look at what the State of Israel is suffering from Arab terrorism with new eyes. I suggest you read all of the articles. They are neither long nor complicated to understand.

All I can say is thank G-d, Baruch Hashem.

Today is Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av, and may this month truly be a comfort. So many parents are suffering the death and injuries of their family members by Gazan Arab terrorists. Homes have been seriously damaged by Gazan terrorists. Yes, there's a serious war going on.

Next month on the Jewish Calendar is Ellul, the month of Teshuva, repentance. May we all return to G-d and keep His Commandments.

Those Tunnels, The Dangers

The most shocking thing revealed during this war, which should be called Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah!סיים את המשימה, is the advanced, dangerous and surprising to our military experts, sophistication of the tunnels the Hamas Gazan Arab terrorists have constructed going into Israel. No doubt they got lots of professional help from all sorts of NGO's which claim to be for "peaceful aims."

There are a few short videos going around which give an idea of what they are used for. They are not for smuggling in drugs or refugees. They have been designed and constructed to facilitate the invasion of terrorist soldiers, equipped like in the most advanced and affluent armies.  Watch:

That's why the tunnels must be destroyed!

And at the same time we have to attack and destroy Gaza until they surrender, and we must demand the total dismantling of UNWRA which has been supporting the Arab terrorists in their attacks on Israel. The terrorists want the State of Israel to be destroyed, so there's no way to negotiate with them.

Stop dreaming!  Israel also must state very clearly that the "two state solution" is not to be. We cannot have a terror state in our midst. Remember that the P.A.'s Abbas joined forces with Hamas just before all the crisis and kidnapping of the three Jewish teenagers began.

The Jewish Month of Av began today. May it truly be a menachem Av, the Month of comfort and victory, not of destruction.

If The USA was a Good Friend of Israel, It Would Make Our Needs THE PRIORITY

IMRA has made an interesting comparison of American versus European statements about Hamas.
Compare and contrast:
"1....The EU calls on Hamas to immediately put an end to these acts and to renounce violence. All terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm. The EU strongly condemns calls on the civilian population of Gaza to provide themselves as human shields." EU Council conclusions on the Middle East Peace Process Summary: 22 July 2014, Brussels - Council of the European Union Foreign Affairs
"The President stressed the U.S. view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza."
That's right: The European Union insists that "All terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm". Period. But President "we have Israel's back" Obama see disarming of the terrorists as something that will happen "ultimately" and within the context of a "lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ."
Put in plain English: if those damn Israelis don't sit down and sign a final status agreement with the Palestinians then as far as President Obama is concerned Hamas can keep its entire armory intact.
Take note also that while the EU condemns Hamas for its role in causing Palestinian civilians deaths Mr. Obama is silent on the matter.
Before you claim that America supports Israel financially, I'd like to remind you that you're wrong. The so-called aid is just a way for the USA to prop up its military industries and dispose of all sorts of surplus supplies. American aid isn't money. It's shop in the USA gift certificates. That is good for the ailing American economy, but it's awful for Israel. It means that instead of being more self-sufficient there are products we don't produce, which we are capable of producing. And when, which happens frequently, Israeli engineers suggest improvements on the military products, it's the United States, and not Israel that benefits from those improved items.

Another important fact to note is that the Israeli public is overwhelmingly in favor of finally destroying the Hamas terrorist capabilities. The army's morale is high, and the public is sick and tired of these ceasefires that just give the terrorists an opportunity to rearm and improve their position. Once and for all, Israelis want a change in basic policy and refuse to be pacified by fancy words and ceremonies. IMRA published a poll showing the numbers.
Sunday, July 27, 2014
Poll: 87%:7% Continue operation, 69%17% Destroy Hamas
Poll: 87%:7% Continue operation, 69%17% Destroy Hamas
Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 27 July 2014

Poll commissioned by Channel 10 news carried out by the Sarid Institute and
reported today:

Do you support continuing the operation or a complete ceasefire?
Continue 87% Ceasefire 7% Don't know 6%

Should the operation in the Gaza Strip conclude with bringing down the Hamas
Yes 69% No 17% Don't know 14% 
This cartoon is old but hasn't changed its relevance. Thanks, Hadassa.

"How do you say ceasefire in Arabic?"

Sunday, July 27, 2014

IDF Morale, Soldiers Feel Happy and Proud

We keep hearing of injured soldiers who keep begging to be allowed back on the front-lines to finish the job of destroying our enemies.

A friend posted this on facebook:
A commander in the paratroopers, who returned from battle yesterday, requested that the following be publicized: "Explain to everybody that we're winning every battle, at every point, in every encounter. The soldiers are absorbing this melancholy spirit from the social networks and don't understand what the situation really is. Of course it's hard, complicated, they use children as a wall against us, but we are succeeding and overcoming Hamas. Please, pass this message on, explain, spread this there. We, soldiers of the IDF, are simply winning."
I had an interesting conversation recently with a called-up reservist who said that he was writing skits for short movies to give a spiritual lift to the IDF soldiers. The entertainment he and his unit are producing isn't just for laughs.

And as I posted the other day, even the families of the wounded want us to finish the job. I'll never forget the mother of an injured soldier who was asked what message she had for her other son who is out fighting.
"Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah! סיים את המשימה"

May they do their jobs well and return home safe and sound, G-d willing.

אֵלֶּה מַסְעֵי "These are the Stops" and These are this Week's Blog Posts in Havel Havelim

In terms of Weekly Torah Portions, we've just finished the Book of Bamidbar, In The Desert aka Numbers, but here in the Holyland, there is still a war going on. I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate on putting together this edition of Havel Havelim.

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12 Jerusalem Scenes with Israel Under Fire, "So much more going on that media does not share or show."
Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah! סיים את המשימה
ILLUMINATIONS OF RAV KOOK-HARAV HA’NAZIR AND THE SCROLL OF WAR AND PEACE, In the aftermath of the Holocaust and during the brutal battles of the 1948 Israel War of Independence, HaRav HaNazir TZ”L was moved to write a document that he called “The Scroll of War and Peace.”
The Lowest of the Low: Who We're Really Dealing With
MK Elazar Stern's "Kosher Style" Restaurants!
Only in Israel: About 20,000 Attend Funeral of Sean Carmeli, HaYa"D, Lone Soldier
Shiva for Sean Carmeli, "Sderot, Beer Sheva, and a hero's shiva. Way to cram in a ton of emotion in a single day... but then, that's Israel, sometimes."
Jews in America! Get on the Next Plane while you still Can!
The Show Must Go On
Rosh Chodesh Av on Monday, Remember Menu Change! The "nine days" start tomorrow!
What Are You? A Soldier of the State or a Jew, a Soldier of Hashem?
Welcome Home to the New Olim
The Danger of Foreign Intervention
It’s not the journey, it’s the purpose
My Walk, and the Tragedy at the UN School
Crazy Two Weeks
Painfully Deja Vu, Terror Attack at the Bus Stop Memories of a terror survivor...
Toda Raba Dear Soldiers.........
Look Jon, Concrete Tunnels!
Child Abuse
Locked Out of Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount, Just Because I'm a Jew!

Dry Bones

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The Only American Guarantee I Would Accept!

Let them "put their money where their mouth is" as the saying goes.

By the way where is Kerry right now?

I would love to see the American Government place American families of American Consulate and Embassy staff in ordinary, non-fortified apartments in Ashkelon, Netivot, Sederot etc and then tell us how easy it is to trust Hamas and negotiate for peace.

A home in Ashkelon was severely damaged by a rocket fired from Gaza.
  Copyright: IDF Spokesperson

That's it. We all know that those Hamas rockets from Gaza would seem a lot more dangerous if they were aimed at official Americans, not just the expats  and ordinary Israelis who do live there, in the "affected areas." The American Government should send the staff from Hertzliya to vacation on the pastoral border kibbutzim which have the tunnel exits for some R&R. They should be joined by the families of the heads of the NGO's which support "Palestinian rights" and "humanitarian needs."

No doubt they wouldn't agree to come, because...

.... you can't trust the Hamas's word when it comes to peace.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is a Ceasefire in Israel's Interests?

Everyone seems to be stressing the "humanitarian" aspect of the ceasefire for the enemy Arabs.
Palestinians sift through rubble, leave for day to shop for provisions and check home during pause in fighting.
Palestinians walk past destroyed houses in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip July 26, 2014. Photo: REUTERS
A 12-hour humanitarian truce went into effect on Saturday after Israel and Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip agreed to a UN request for a pause in fighting and efforts proceeded to secure a long-term ceasefire moved ahead. (Jerusalem Post)

But just like they never used all that cement we let in Gaza for their citizens's humanitarian needs, who's going to guarantee us that they aren't reinforcing or booby-trapping the tunnels to cause more Israeli deaths?

IMRA asked a very crucial question about the ceasefire:
IDF Spokesperson to IMRA: No explosives used to destroy tunnels during the humanitarian ceasefire Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 26 July 2014
The IDF Spokesperson's Office told IMRA tonight that during the course of the humanitarian ceasefire the IDF does not use explosives to destroy the tunnels.
It should be noted that this means that tunnels are NOT being destroyed during the humanitarian ceasefire 
The IDF discovered at least 4 tunnels today.
Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA 
What are we using now, toothpicks?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Painfully Deja Vu, Terror Attack at the Bus Stop

Yes, I've written about it many times. I am a terror attack survivor.

Almost twenty years ago, when I was waiting for a bus or ride, whichever would come first, an Arab terrorist rammed into me and over twenty other people. He killed one and wounded many. I was the lightest injured of the injured.

Honestly, what hurt the most was the fact that the police first tried to claim that it was an accident.  Just like I heard on the news today. Today an Arab terrorist took advantage of the fact that there were people waiting on a roadside for a ride, outside of the protective barriers, in my case there weren't any protective barriers, and he quickly turned, rammed into the them and fled.

A young woman was injured.

In my day there were no easy to use digital cameras to record the attack, but I have no doubt it was similar but worse.

Refuah Shleimah to the injured and Shabbat Shalom

Voices, Words from Ordinary People During the War aka Operation Protective Edge

All of the politicians and military men have their staffs, their secretaries and public relations people. They also have the "ear" of the media which is always willing to give them the microphone. Ordinary people on Israel's front-line, those who live in the areas which the Gazans have targeted don't have too many ways to get their messages out, their feelings.

Here are the words of some of my friends:
 a quiet night B"H - may it stay that way. Shabbat ShalomI live in Bet Shemesh proper, among the Hebrew-speaking population. My neighborhood looks out over Mateh Ye-uda region (basically a tundra), which catches some mighty whomps and has uninterrupted views of the night sky. I can feel the vibrations of sirens when my hands touch walls as I sleep. Windows and sliding glass door panels rattle in the frames. We see the missiles arcing rather well from down here. RBS residents might as well live in a far-off land; they do not experience what we physically feel or see. People in my part of town seem to be having a range of normal reactions to the commotion: panic, calm, tendencies to pray with/without formal text. The sweet aspect of it all is the heightened politeness, courtesy, and thoughtfulness going on. Strangers hoist groceries for each other, give loose change to people with insufficient funds stuck at the check-out registers, give tremps so that nobody will suffer the fear of waiting for dangerous rides, speak divrei hizuk just cuz, and other niceties. I can clearly see Shechem out of my window and I have nothing to report, baruch HaShem. Food for thought.My grandson, who has been in Aza all week, came back to our side of the fence for a few minutes for something to be repaired and promptly borrowed a phone and called his mother. Baruch Hashem he is fine!
This post on me-ander, Guest Post: SHOPPING DURING THE WAR by Janet Clare, gives another aspect of life here in Israel during the war.

All I hear is that people want to finish with Hamas. And finish means destroying the Arab terrorists.

It's amazing how generous people are in their donations to the soldiers. Pretty much every store or shopping area has a basket for donations.

Here's the list of wounded soldiers who are in need of our prayers.

May the Good Lord keep them and all Am Yisrael safe. If necessary He should perform His miracles, even if it makes it look like this is a "disproportionate war," because more Arabs die than Jews.

Hamas Uses Civilian Dead and Wounded as PR Photo Props

UNRWA HQ in Gaza
Flash 90
The Hamas information campaign is based on utilizing the results of their human shield policy to make Israel look bad. If the Hamas Arab terrorist leaders really care about the safety of their civilians they would have used all that high quality cement we allowed in to build safe schools, hospitals, shelters etc. And if they really care, they wouldn't attack Israel. They would live with us in peace.

But Hamas neither wants peace with Israel nor cares about the safety of its civilians of any age.
In recent days, Hamas has fired rockets from an area of Beit Hanoun where an UNRWA shelter is located. Last night, the Israel Defense Forces told the Red Cross to evacuate civilians from UNRWA’s shelter in Beit Hanoun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today. UNRWA and the Red Cross received the message.
Hamas prevented civilians from evacuating the area during the window that the IDF gave them. IDF Blog
Some people may not like where this news took my mind. Maybe it was the exhaustion last night after working two successive night shifts at Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin, but I thought of how the British officials of the Mandate refused to heed the warnings of the Etzel to evacuate the King David Hotel.
After exiting the hotel, Gidon summoned two women fighters who were waiting nearby, and ordered them to carry out their mission. They ran over to a nearby telephone booth, and delivered the following message to the hotel telephone operator and to the editorial office of the Palestine Post:
I am speaking on behalf of the Hebrew underground.
We have placed an explosive device in the hotel.
Evacuate it at once - you have been warned.
They also delivered a telephone warning to the French Consulate, adjacent to the hotel, to open their windows to prevent blast damage. The telephone messages were intended to prevent casualties.Some 25 minutes after the telephone calls, a shattering explosion shook Jerusalem, and reverberated at a great distance. The entire southern wing of the King David Hotel - all seven storeys - was totally destroyed. For reasons unclear, the staff of the government secretariat and the military command remained in their rooms. Some of them were unaware of events, and others were not permitted to leave the building, thus accounting for the large number of victims trapped in the debris.
And since then Great Britain has used that attack to show Israeli cruelty and terrorism. They were especially undiplomatically insulting to Menachem Begin, even after he had been elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

Most of the world isn't terribly interested in facts when it comes to Israel. They react with gut antisemitism. So no doubt you won't hear or read too many apologies from those who were quick to condemn Israel for "bombing the UNRWA school" now that it has been shown that it was the Hamas Gazan terrorists who did the real damage in both their firing/shooting and the location of their military in/by the school.

Personally, I don't think Israel should waste too much time in defending ourselves, because it's too much like preaching to the choir. Those who believe the worst of Israel aren't interested in facts.

Shabbat Shalom and Let Us WIN, G-d willing!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ruby Rivlin, Israel's Newest President, G-d Willing Will Unite Us

The Israeli position of President is different form what a "president" is in most countries. It's supposed to be ceremonial, a figurehead, not a policy maker.

Ruby (Reuven) Rivlin, who has spent decades in the public eye, as a descendant of the the Rivlin for whom Rivlin Street is named, as head of the Betar Jerusalem soccer team, politician, MK, is now the President of Israel.

Rivlin succeeds Shimon Peres who just couldn't take off his "politician hat." Peres is most popular with foreigners, especially Leftist office holders, media and diplomats.

Rivlin and Peres are very different. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that those who are happiest to see Peres go are the same ones who are happiest to see Rivlin in the office. To my mind Peres seemed to be more interested in impressing and pleasing foreigners than relating to ordinary Israelis. Rivlin is thought of a warm, friendly uncle, one of the family.

Especially now during a time of war, tension and stress, we do need a President who can unite us into one loving family.

Go for it Ruby!

Anti-Jewish Security Policy in Jerusalem's Walled City

Here's part two, the second post about my attempt to ascend Har HaBabyit, the Temple Mount. Earlier I wrote about how a few women and I were surprised to discover that although the Temple Mount seemed quiet and peaceful, with Arabs wandering about freely, the gate, the only gate which is designated for Jewish entrance was found locked.

Rachel Sela who led on on this eventually unsuccessful attempt, also took us to a couple of other gates. Wherever we went we were greeted by police barriers.

We were told to stay away from them, as if we were lepers.

The worst part of this, considering all aspects, the personal, national, spiritual and security was the fact that the Arabs who wanted to enter did so without any security check or inspection.

As you can see here, the police were more concerned with their cell phones and private conversations.

The woman were dressed in long wide robes which could hide a thousand "sins" or worse.

None of this makes any sense to me.

The Israeli security forces, the Israeli Government is facilitating not only total sovereignty on the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest spot, but they are allowing a security breach that could easily rival the Gazan terrorist tunnels.

Remember that Jerusalem is Israel's capital.

We are not acting like sovereign rulers here. We are stabbing ourselves not only in the back but in the heart. This policy must change immediately!  The Waqf can no longer rule!!! We Jews, we Israelis demand Jewish Israeli rule in all of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount!!

Are You Tired of Reading About The war Between Gaza-Hamas versus Israel? Watch and Listen!

As a remedial teacher, yes, that's a profession of mine, I'm even trained and certified with years of experience, I know very well that sometimes reading just isn't the most effective media. After weeks of articles, even short ones with lots of maps and illustrations, people are getting tired of reading about terrorist tunnels, human shields etc.

Israel Hayom

Human Shields, Breitbart
So, today, you can just watch and listen a bit to a few youtube short movies which may give you the message much better and more easily to digest than my writing.  I'm not sure that "enjoy" is the right word:

Thanks to all who have suggested these to me. You know who you are.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

People want to donate to the IDF

For the past few days Yafiz, the clothing store where I work has been collecting money and buying at discounted prices all sorts of clothing, toiletries and nosh that soldiers need. Even the reserverists who packed the most supplies have long run out of clean socks etc. We have contacts in the IDF who  transport it all to the frontlines.

Deja Vu, 1973, Israel Must be Winning if The USA Wants Ceasefire

The 1973 Yom Kippur War should have been a major wake-up call to the State of Israel that its new friend and ally, the United States of America, wasn't very reliable.
"New friend and ally?" Some of you may be asking. 
Yes, Israel had no allies six years earlier when it fought for its very existance there were no diplomatic military allies. Israel did it alone and did a great job of it. We defeated three Arab armies in six days, and in the process we liberated Land that made the impossible to defend 1949 ceasefire lines history.

1949 "Green Line"

Suddenly, fragile little Israel became a "super power." And suddenly we had defensible borders which included all of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan and the Sinai including Gaza. Unfortunately government and IDF leaders believed the hype and thought us invincible. And suddenly instead of being ignored on the international diplomatic front, we had "friends," like the USA.

Israel signed treaties with America that were supposed to guarantee us vital information, like warning before a country attacked us. Somehow the Americans forgot that in October, 1973, and Israel was not only caught flat-footed, but fasting on Yom Kippur when Syria and Egypt coordinated a surprise attack.

Unfortunately Stupidly Israel was lulled into a false security by the US, because its Secretary of State was a Jew, Henry Kissinger, and it never occurred to Israel's leaders that "one of us" couldn't be trusted to put Israel's needs first.

Looking back, and please don't forget that I was living in Jerusalem at the time, it seems pretty clear to me that the USA had a plan to make Israel totally dependent on it, a protectorate. So, the Americans, led by its President Nixon and Jewish-AMERICAN Kissinger expected Israel to need them to survive. They "stood by" and didn't push for a ceasefire until Israel got the upper-hand against Egypt.  Then, all of a sudden, not earlier when Israel was struggling, did the Americans push for a ceasefire.

And here we go again. Israel has been bombarded with dangerous enemy rockets, missiles weapons for the longest time. Due to the brilliance of the Israeli military industry, the invention of the Iron Dome and the mericful siyate d'Shmaya, Hand of G-d, damage has been relatively minimal.

This does not mean that we haven't been in mortal danger.

All the while that Israel remained silent and tried to live with the attacks, the world, yes including American Obama, Kerry and co., was silent. Now United States President Barack Hussein Obama has sent his Secretary of State Kerry to the Middle East to push for a ceasefire. The "good news" in that must be that the Hamas Gazan Arab terrorists must be hurting. They don't care that their civilians who protect the military installations or the United Nations building that are used for missile/weapons storage have been hit. What seems to have them most upset is that the sophisticated network of tunnels leading from schools and hospitals into Israeli CIVILIAN communities have been discovered and are being destroyed.  Thank G-d for the skills and competence of the IDF.

Now is not the time to stop. We must finish the job, לסיים את המסימה lisayyem et hamissima! And we must stop taking American and other foreign advice.

The Gazan Arab Hamas terrorists couldn't have built those tunnels, rockets and missile-launchers without foreign help. We can't trust anyone other than ourselves.

We have the power with the Help of G-d, like in 1967, and we must use it with confidence, G-d willing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flying El Al During Time of War, I Have....

Over twenty years ago, in the middle of the Gulf War my husband and I were scheduled to fly to England for the weekend. He had been invited to be guest speaker at a Shabbat in Bournemouth by Herut, England, and the invitation was prestigious enough for me to be part of the deal.

Shiloh wasn't targeted during that war, and our older kids were pretty old, National Service and high school, so there was no way I'd give up that fully paid weekend vacation. At the airport "passport control" the clerk gave me a funny look and said:
"Did you leave your children?"
I  thought she was about to call the police and have me arrested for child abuse.

That was a very strange and pathetic one-sided war. Iraq launched missiles at Israel, and we hid in "safe rooms." I taped the windows of the master bedroom and the kids slept with us, when necessary. Nothing landed even close enough to be counted, and many neighbors hosted friends and family who were in real danger.

El Al was the only airline flying in and out of Israel. So, that's what we took, and I think that Herut, England would have booked us on El Al even if there hadn't been a war going on.

It wasn't a routine flight. As the plane began ascending, we suddenly felt it jerking right. Yes, you guessed it. The pilot, as most El Al pilots are, was experienced in taking evasive action, though I doubt that his training was on large passenger planes. He did it correctly, or I wouldn't be alive to tell the story.

Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah! סיים את המשימה

For days, actually week's I've been searching for the right name for this war. Please stop calling it an "operation," "campaign" or whatever non-military euphemism the government has dreamed up! 

Today while watching the television news I heard the interview of a mother of a wounded soldier who is also the mother of a soldier fighting. She was asked if she had a message for her son the soldier on the battlefield:
"סיים את המשימה Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah!"
Yes, that's what she said to him live on Israeli television.

Among the wounded are several lone soldiers, who came to Israel for the sole purpose of joining the IDF 

 Photo credit: Dudu Grunshpan

And yes, that's the way most Israelis feel. We are sick and tired of listening to unrealistic extreme Leftists who pontificate the supposed, alleged peacefulness and logic of the Gazans, claiming "they certainly want peace, just like we do." Well, the proof's in the pudding; they don't. It's very dangerous to dream that our enemy is "just like us."

Remember that the night, less than two months ago, when the three teenagers were kidnapped and murdered, there were celebrations in Arab towns all over. And the films of the celebrating Gazans, including children, yes all civilians at the capture of IDF soldier (most probably his dead body) are horrifying.

We must keep pounding away until they break, because otherwise they will win. There's no negotiating and no ceasefire if we want to survive!

Only in Israel: About 20,000 Attend Funeral of Sean Carmeli, HaYa"D, Lone Soldier

Sean Carmeli, HaYa"D
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Yesterday morning we read about the lone soldier from the small Texas town nobody had ever heard of who had been killed in Gaza trying to destroy the Hamas terror infrastructure, Sean Carmeli. Later in the day, emails and facebook messages kept arriving in Hebrew and in English asking that people come to his funeral.

Israel values all of its soldiers; they are our children. Israeli kids are raised knowing that after high school they will be drafted. (I'm not getting into the chareidi draft issue here.) Religious girls frequently take the option to do Sherut Le'umi, National Service and volunteer in all sorts of places, schools, hospitals, memorials etc. Young men who are exempt for various medical reasons quite often petition the IDF to be accepted as official soldier volunteers and get positions suitable for them.

And then there are the new immigrants and foreign IDF volunteers who come to Israel either just to serve or knowing that their choice to be Israeli means that they will be drafted and serve in the army without a mother waiting at home to do their laundry and make sure there's hot food for them. They are the true idealists, and Sean Carmeli was one of them.

When an Israeli born and raised IDF soldier is killed, his funeral is attended by his family, childhood friends of all members, fellow students and those from the neighborhood and more. Funerals here for whomever, no matter what the reason of death, are usually humongous. Here in Shiloh, a small funeral, quickly arranged on a Friday before Shabbat can have a minimum of fifty to a hundred people, and the larger more public funerals, like the triple one for the three teenagers murdered by Arab terrorists a few weeks ago are attended by hundreds of thousands. Compare that to a very recent funeral in New Jersey for a policeman killed, Fallen Jersey City Police Detective Melvin Santiago laid to rest.
JERSEY CITY - The Jersey City police officer who was shot and killed while responding to a report of an armed robbery was laid to rest today.
Hundreds of police officers from around New Jersey and surrounding states came to St. Aloysius Church to pay their final respects to Melvin Santiago. 
IDF Staff Sgt. Sean Carmeli was laid to rest accompanied, honored by about 20,000 people.

HaMakom yenachem...
May G-d comfort his family and friends

Monday, July 21, 2014

Keep Kerry Away; We have Work to Do!

The United States Secretary of State, that loose-lipped John Kerry* is on his way here to push for an immediate ceasefire, which is the last thing Israel needs. The only thing Israel needs now is to totally destroy the network of terrorist tunnels that have been discovered leading from Gaza to Israeli border towns.

The IDF has uncovered over 20 terror tunnels in Gaza since beginning the ground operation last week. These tunnels can be used to infiltrate Israeli territory and carry out attacks on Israel’s civilians.  Stand for Israel
We can't afford to stop destroying the tunnels until the job is complete. They seriously endanger not only the communities that are affected, but the security of the entire State of Israel. The Gazan Arab terrorists have been constructing a very sophisticated network of underground military infrastructure, bunkers, tunnels and storage areas.
*The secretary of state, John Kerry, on Sunday appeared to criticise Israel’s claims about the targeted scope of its attacks on Gaza, as a open microphone caught him talking to an aide ahead of a TV interview.“It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation, it’s a hell of a pinpoint operation,” Kerry, who was appearing on Fox News Sunday as part of a tour of all five main US talkshows, said to an aide on the phone, in a frustrated tone.
Earlier, speaking on CNN, the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, said Israel’s response to rocket attacks from Gaza had been “very measured and trying to be as pinpointed as we can”.
“What choice do we have?” Netanyahu said. “We have to protect ourselves. We try to target the rocketeers, we do. And all civilian casualties are not intended by us but actually intended by Hamas who want to pile up as many civilian dead as they can because somebody said they use telegenically dead Palestinians for the cause. They want the more dead the better.” (theguardian)
The responsibility of the State of Israel is to protect Israelis, not to protect enemy civilians!

Locked Out of Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount, Just Because I'm a Jew!

Today was supposed to be a great day in my life. It was supposed to be my first time ever ascending Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount, the very holiest spot in the world for Jews!

I had been planning on going for years, but somehow never quite did. Last week when my neighbor Rachel Sela sent out an email that she'd be going the following Monday, yes that's today, I realized that I could make it, so I gave her a call to sign up. Rachel leads groups every few weeks. She said that it's rare for her groups to be forbidden entrance. My husband kept saying that they wouldn't let us in until the Muslim post-Ramadan holiday if over in another week plus. But I just felt like I had to go. It seemed so right during this difficult war we're in. I wanted to be closer to where the Beit HaMikdash, our Holy Temple had stood. Not even my beloved Shiloh Hakeduma, where the Ancient Mishkan Tabernacle had stood satisfied my craving for holiness. I wanted to take that next step.

Rachel and I had discussed the issue of entering Har HaBayit before. We both feel that since G-d gave it to us during the 1967 Six Days War, it's ungrateful, even sacrilegious, for us to ignore it. We the State of Israel should have totally taken over it then facilitating Jewish Prayer and access. Rabbi Shlomo Goren, ZaTz"L, who was the IDF Chief Rabbi at the time tried to institute Jewish study and prayer on Har HaBayit, but he was stymied by the government.

Here we are, almost a half a century since that great miraculous victory, and instead of embracing it and thanking G-d we gave it to the antisemitic, anti-Israel Muslims who profane the Holiest spot in the world twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week, twelve months a year. And we wonder why G-d loses His Patience with us. And we dare to ask why He hasn't sent us the Moshiach, the Messiah. The truth is that the Moshiach was here in late Iyyar, early June, 1967, and He was locked out of the Temple Mount, Har HaBayit.

The Israeli Rabbinate declared it "too holy" for Jews but perfectly permissible to non-Jews.

There was a time when anyone appearing obviously Jewish was totally banned from entering Har HaBayit, but in recent years, Jews willing to accept the insulting, racist, antisemitic restrictions may enter. The main restriction is no prayers. Yes, you heard me right. A Jew who seems to be praying will be quickly and violently whisked away from the site of our Holy Temples.

This morning the three women who were with me didn't even get that close. We found the gate locked. There wasn't even a guard to speak to or argue with.

Finally Rachel did find a soldier and even called his superior, but they held fast to the ruling that until the Muslims finish their holiday season, Jews are banned from Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount.

Davka now, when our country is fighting for its survival, and our sons have been called to the front-line, we want to pray on the front-line of G-d's Land, and that is Har HaBayit.

We expect at least a minimum of freedom of religion in the only Jewish country in the world. We should have had been allowed in. This morning's experience will, G-d willing, bli neder, be expanded on in future blog posts, so please stay tuned.

IDF Soldiers are OUR Children, Together we Mourn the Dead and Encourage the Living

More of the names of our IDF soldiers killed in the Operation Protective Edge  have been released. Baruch Dayan Ha'emet and nichumim, comfort to their families and friends. Two of those were lone soldiers who left their families in chutz l'Aretz, out of the Land of Israel, to live in Israel and serve in the IDF. Many dozens of our IDF soldiers have been wounded and need our prayers. Their families need our support assistance until they achieve a refuah shleimah, complete healing.

This Operation Protective Edge is a real war. Maybe the Government should change its name to Wipe Out The Terrorists or some more Biblical sounding name for the same thing. All of the army's operations must be planned to do the most damage to Gaza, the terrorists and the supporting population, yes including women and children, while protecting our soldiers as much as humanly possible.  I'm just a mother, a soldiers' mother, not a military strategist or logistics expert. I'm also a writer and since our soldiers have discovered that the Arabs, the Hamas Gazan Arab terrorists had been spending their "humanitarian" funding on building an advanced underground military base against Israel we must change the focus and intensity of our fight, our war against them. It is so dangerous to underestimate one's enemy, and I think we have been doing that for two long.

This morning I just want to take a few minutes as the sun rises in the east to give you some information about the wonderful IDF Israeli soldiers who lost their lives in this very necessary war. Not all of the names have been released to the public yet. Here are some of the names and information.
Max Steinberg, lone soldier from Los Angeles, CA
Sean Carmeli, lone soldier from South Padre Island, Texas
Steinberg and Carneli, Jewish Press
Captain Tzafrir Bar-Or, a commander in the Golani Brigade, 32, of Holon. His funeral will be held Monday at 1:00 p.m. in the military section of the cemetery in Holon.
Major Zvi Kaplan, a commander in the Golani Brigade, 28, from Kedumim. His funeral will be held Monday at 11:00 a.m. at the military cemetery in Haifa.
Gilad Yaakobi, 21, of Kiryat Ono. His funeral will be held Monday at 10:00 a.m. at the Kiryat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv.
Sergeant Oz Mendelovich, 21, from Avtalion. His funeral will be held Monday at 6:00 p.m. at the Misgav cemetery.
Nissim Sean Carmeli, 21, of Ra'anana.
(quoted from Arutz 7)

July 19

Staff Sgt. Bnaya Rubel, an infantry soldier, was killed in battle with terrorists.
Staff Sgt. Bnaya Rubel, 20, from Holon
Staff Sgt. Bnaya Rubel, 20, from Holon
2nd Lt. Bar Rahav, a combat engineer, was killed when terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at the vehicle he was operating.
סגם בר רהב (1)
2nd Lt. Bar Rahav, 21, from Ramat Yishai
Sgt. Adar Barsano was killed by Hamas terrorists who infiltrated Israel in an attempt to carry out an attack on Israeli civilians.
Adar Barsano
Sgt. Adar Barsano, 20, from Nahariya

Maj. (res.) Amotz Greenberg  was killed by Hamas terrorists who infiltrated Israel in an attempt to carry out an attack on Israeli civilians.
Maj. (res.) Amotz Greenberg, 45, from Hod Hasharon
Maj. (res.) Amotz Greenberg, 45, from Hod Hasharon

July 18

First Sgt. Eitan Barak, was killed overnight fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza.
First Sgt. Eitan Barak, 20, from Herzliya
 We mourn the loss of every life given in defense of the State of Israel. (from IDF blog)

ברוך דיין האמת
Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet
Blessed is the True Judge
"הי"ד,"  "השם יקום דמם"
HaYa"D, Hashem Yikom Damom
May G-d Avenge Their Blood